Why was Chip upset when he called Jonah?

Why was Chip upset when he called Jonah?

Jonah feels guilty about breaking into Chip’s parents’ safe, but Chip angrily tells Jonah that what his parents would want does not count. When Jonah needs to make a call, Chip tells him to use his cell phone because his father recently increased his minutes as a bribe to make up for not telling him about the adoption.

Will there be a the missing season 3?

The Missing has been cancelled so, there won’t be a third season.

What are facts about Margaret Peterson?

Bio. Margaret Peterson Haddix,best known for being a Children’s Author,was born in Ohio,United States on Thursday,April 9,1964.

  • Margaret Peterson Haddix’s zodiac sign is Aries. Margaret Peterson Haddix zodiac sign is a Aries.
  • She is currently 57 years old.
  • On Margaret Peterson Haddix’s birthday.
  • Margaret Peterson Haddix’s height and weight.
  • Who is second in sabotaged by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

    Sabotaged(Book 3 of the Missing Series) By: Margaret Peterson Haddix Katherine, Jonah, and Andrea go back in time to cover up the disappearing of Andrea. They all end up on an island in the middle of nowhere. They venture into the woods to find tracer Indians. They follow them back to a ruin of a village.

    What is Margaret Peterson Haddix favorite book?

    Found (2008)

  • Sent (2009)
  • Sabotaged (2010)
  • Torn (2011)
  • Caught (2012)
  • Sought (E-book short story,2013)
  • Risked (2013)
  • Rescued (E-book short story,2014)
  • Revealed (2014)
  • Redeemed (2015)
  • Does Margaret Peterson Haddix have a pet?

    Margaret Peterson Haddix weaves together two completely separate lives in this engaging novel that explores what it really means to be a family—and what to do when it’s all falling apart. “The trip to Spain you wouldn’t wish on anyone, except in the form of this terrific book.”–Kirkus Reviews.