Why is it called slash fiction?

Why is it called slash fiction?

The name arises from the use of the slash symbol (/) in mentions in the late ’70s of K/S (meaning stories where Kirk and Spock had a romantic [and often sexual] relationship), as compared to the ampersand (&) conventionally used for K&S or Kirk and Spock friendship fiction.

Why is slash fiction so popular?

So they write and read about it to try and understand it. And slash is so popular probably because of the forbidden aspect and the fulfillment that people can get from it. There’s a reason that romance writing is usually marketed to females.

What does slash mean on ao3?

Romantic and/or sexual relationships are indicated by using a slash (“/”) separator (for example, Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse). Nonsexual, non-romantic relationships—such as platonic relationships between friends, family, teammates, etc.

Who are the most common writers of slash fiction?

Slash fiction is widely accepted to have originated with Kirk/Spock, lovingly called Space Husbands, in the Star Trek fandom as early as 1968. There is evidence that other pairings were popular among fans but lacked the organized fandom and distribution of fanfic to leave evidence.

What is a forward slash symbol?

The forward slash (or simply slash) character (/) is the divide symbol in programming and on calculator keyboards. For example, 10 / 7 means 10 divided by 7. The slash is also often used in command line syntax to indicate a switch.

What does pre slash mean in fanfiction?

Noun. pre-slash (uncountable) (fandom slang) A subgenre of slash fiction in which a homosexual relationship between two characters has not yet developed or is only implied.

Who is slash wife?

Perla Ferrarm. 2001–2018
Renee Suranm. 1992–1997
Slash married Perla Ferrar on October 15, 2001, in Hawaii. They have two sons, London Emilio (born August 28, 2002) and Cash Anthony (born June 23, 2004).

What does MxM mean on Wattpad?

One Shots MxM (Mature) Warning: most one shots in this collection are mature, and should only be seen by those ages 18+ for mature sexual content.

What are the ratings on AO3?

AO3 has General, Teen and Up Audiences, Mature, and Explicit, and also has a Not Rated option. For comparison, until recently, Wattpad had a very similar G/PG/PG-13/R rating system that mirrored US movie ratings, but they’ve switched to a binary option of All Audiences (13+) or Mature Content (17+).

What do AO3 ratings mean?

Ratings measure the intensity of a work’s content and give users an idea of the suitability of the work for them. Ratings and warnings can attract users who are seeking specific content, and they can also warn off users who are trying to avoid that content.

What are the examples of flash fiction?

Here are seven examples of flash fiction (for a total of 21 minutes or less) that are totally worth your time.

  • “Chapter V,” Ernest Hemingway.
  • “Widow’s First Year,” Joyce Carol Oates.
  • “Give It Up!” Franz Kafka.
  • “Sticks,” George Saunders.
  • “Taylor Swift,” Hugh Behm-Steinberg.
  • “Untitled,” Adhiraj Singh.

What does the slash mean in writing?

A slash can show a line break in a poem, song, or play, usually if several short lines are being written together on one long line.

What is slash fiction?

Slash fiction (also known as “m/m slash”) is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on romantic or sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same sex.

What is a slash fan story?

While the term “slash” originally referred only to stories in which male characters are involved in an explicit sexual relationship as a primary plot element, it is now also used to refer to any fan story containing a romantic pairing between same-sex characters.

What is a real person slash story?

Real person slash. Real person slash (RPS), also a subgenre of real person fiction, involves taking a celebrity’s public image and creating slash stories with them. Real person slash gained popularity with the 1990s rise of boy bands in the pop music industry.

What is a slash in anime?