Where is Bruno Iksil now?

Where is Bruno Iksil now?

Bruno Iksil, the former City trader known as the “London Whale”, has spent the past five years at home with his family in France, about 50 miles south of Paris. He runs, cycles or swims each day.

What is a whale in banking?

A series of derivative transactions involving credit default swaps (CDS) were entered, reportedly as part of the bank’s “hedging” strategy. Trader Bruno Iksil, nicknamed the London Whale, accumulated outsized CDS positions in the market. An estimated trading loss of $2 billion was announced.

What did Bruno Iksil do?

Bruno Iksil achieved Wall Street notoriety with one of the worst trades in history. He lost $6.2 billion — more than three times the yearly budget of the Securities and Exchange Commission — placing risky bets on complex financial instruments while working for JPMorgan Chase.

Why is it called the London Whale?

The JPMorgan scandal involved a trader in its London office who became known as the “London Whale” because of the size of his market bets (see “Why a Whale?”). JPMorgan estimated that Basel III would require it to either increase the amount of capital it held or reduce its risk-weighted assets.

Did the London Whale go to jail?

US prosecutors have decided to drop criminal charges against two former JP Morgan Chase & Co derivatives traders implicated in the “London Whale” trading scandal that caused $6.2bn (£4.7bn) of losses in 2012.

What is Jamie Dimon’s net worth?

1.9 billion USD (2022)Jamie Dimon / Net worth

How much is Jamie Dimon worth?

What happened to London Whale?

Who is Jamie Dimon’s wife?

Judith KentJamie Dimon / Wife (m. 1983)

What was JP Morgan worth?

His estate was worth $68.3 million ($1.39 billion in today’s dollars based on CPI, or $25.2 billion based on share of GDP), of which about $30 million represented his share in the New York and Philadelphia banks. The value of his art collection was estimated at $50 million.

Who is the CEO of Citigroup?

Jane Fraser (Feb 2021–)Citigroup / CEO

Citigroup’s New CEO Jane Fraser Plans to Remake the Bank While Crushing Rivals – Bloomberg.

How much is Sandy Weill worth?

Forbes included Weill on our list of the World’s Billionaires in March this year with a net worth estimate of $1 billion.