Where do students live in Plymouth?

Where do students live in Plymouth?

Greenbank is Plymouth’s students’ favourite area. Its proximity with the University makes it a hub for young people. Most of the student bars and nightclubs are here so in terms of nightlife you would not be short of enjoyment. The University often organises events and activities so you’ll never be bored!

When can I apply for accommodation Plymouth University?

1st of February 2022
Applications for September 2022 Applications for accommodation will open on the 1st of February 2022 for applicants joining the University this Autumn. To make an application for a place in halls, the University of Plymouth must be your first choice University.

What are University halls?

Uni halls are divided up like large flats, with private bedrooms and shared kitchens on each floor. Sometimes – typically with older halls – you’ll also be sharing a bathroom. Some people aren’t too keen on that idea, particularly if you’re in a mixed-sex group or the number of showers or toilets is limited.

Where should I live in Plymouth?

What are the best areas to consider when living in Plymouth? Wingfield Road and The Elms are home to a selection of period properties. The Devonport dockyard neighbourhood offers some pretty terraced houses at great prices. Jennycliff Lane is one of the most expensive addresses in Plymouth.

Is Plymouth a student city?

Plymouth is welcoming thousands of new uni students ready to begin their independent lives in our wonderful city. Past and present alumni have voted Plymouth the 22nd best student city in the UK, and while that may not be troubling the top performers, we’re rated a solid 4.3/5.

What is the acceptance rate for Plymouth State?

89.4% (2020)
Plymouth State University/Acceptance rate

Does Plymouth University allow pets?

The animal is restricted to the owner’s residence (room, suite, or apartment) and is prohibited from common areas including, but not limited to lounges, study rooms, and dining areas. The owner is responsible for any damage caused by the animal to University property or the property of others.

Is private accommodation better than uni halls?

Overall, it’s all about preference. If you’d rather be living in the middle of the city, with all its energy and excitement, private accommodation might be for you. If you’d like to be close to university buildings and campus, you might be better off living in university halls.

Is university accommodation for you in Plymouth?

If university accommodation is not for you the city of Plymouth offers a huge range of accommodation for students, so whether you are looking for purpose built student accommodation, student houses, flats or even homestays, there’s something out there to meet all budgets both in the city centre or surrounding areas.

Who are student lets Plymouth?

We are specialist providers of Student Accommodation in Plymouth. Nestled in a prime location, Student Lets Plymouth offers housing for Plymouth students looking for one and two bedroom student flats, or 10 and 11 bedroom student houses.

How many students have we housed at Plymouth University?

With over 20 years experience, and having housed nearly 1000 students, we have considerable expertise in student letting and managing student accommodation properties in Plymouth. Over the last 20 years, until 2019, our properties have always been let through the Plymouth University accommodation office, with 99.5% occupancy.

Why study at Plymouth?

We want you to enjoy living and studying in Plymouth, build life-long friendships and feel fully supported during your time with us. We offer a great variety of halls to choose from, that provide a safe and friendly environment for our students.