Where can I buy the best silk sarees online?

Where can I buy the best silk sarees online?

If you are looking for elite silk sarees online, then Pothys is one of the best shops for you. We offer the greatest selection of silk sarees online. The sarees are offered in numerous colours and designs.

Why choose Nalli silk sarees?

These sarees are simple, light, and comfortable to wear every day. They can be draped to work, college, parties, and styled with a lehenga to create a whole new half-saree look. Over the years, Nalli has gained the trust of many customers globally by delivering pure silk sarees with no compromises.

What is Banarasi saree?

This Banarasi saree is interweaved with jute fibres. They are suitable for work conferences, kitty parties and the like. Chanderi Kora silk is a mix of the delightful Chanderi silk and sheer silk. We recommend draping this saree to daytime events to let it shine its best.

What are the different types of sarees?

The sarees are offered in numerous colours and designs. You can pick from a standard weave, colour-blocked, embroidered, printed silk sarees and much more. Our sarees offer brocade design for a more majestic look which can be draped for important gatherings and other occasions.

What is Kancheepuram silk saree?

The silk sarees are named after Kancheepuram, a south Indian locality, where they are created. They are known for their impressive colour combinations and wide borders. They are picture-perfect for devout functions or as party wear. BUY SILK SAREES ONLINE

What is a Reshmi saree?

Silk was introduced to India by foreign traders and travellers many centuries ago – setting in motion a far-reaching market for the silk saree, also known as reshmi saree. Many generations of weavers and artisans have passed down their crafting secrets on how to weave yards of stunning silk sarees.