When did Ferdinand Magellan explore for kids?

When did Ferdinand Magellan explore for kids?

In September of 1519 Magellan set sail in his attempt to find another route to Eastern Asia. There were over 270 men and five ships under his command. The ships were named the Trinidad, the Santiago, the Victoria, the Concepcion, and the San Antonio. They first sailed across the Atlantic and to the Canary Islands.

How did Ferdinand Magellan become an explorer?

1480-1521) set out from Spain in 1519 with a fleet of five ships to discover a western sea route to the Spice Islands. En route he discovered what is now known as the Strait of Magellan and became the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean.

Who was Ferdinand Magellan and what did he discover?

Ferdinand Magellan is best known for being an explorer for Portugal, and later Spain, who discovered the Strait of Magellan while leading the first expedition to successfully circumnavigate the globe. He died en route and Juan Sebastián del Cano completed it.

How long did Ferdinand Magellan explore for?

His fleet accomplished the westward crossing of the ocean in 99 days, crossing waters so strangely calm that the ocean was named “Pacific,” from the Latin word pacificus, meaning “tranquil.” By the end, the men were out of food and chewed the leather parts of their gear to keep themselves alive.

Who was Magellan for kids?

Ferdinand Magellan facts for kids

Quick facts for kids Ferdinand Magellan
Died April 27, 1521 (aged 40–41) Mactan, Philippines
Nationality Portuguese
Known for The first to sail around the world.
Children Rodrigo, Carlos

How long did the first circumnavigation take?

Magellan named the ocean the Pacific (meaning ‘peaceful’) because it was calm and pleasant when he entered it. By now one of his ships had deserted, but the other four started the journey across their new-found sea. To everyone’s amazement, the crossing was to take three months and 20 days.

Why do Filipinos hate Magellan?

Based on that I gather that Filipinos dislike Magellan as he is commonly incorrectly cited as having “Discovered” the Philippines.

Did Ferdinand Megellan have any children?

They arranged strategic political marriages for all of these children to powerful monarchs and well-connected women. In time, many of their grandchildren became emperors and kings of various countries, and their first and second generation of descendants caused the genealogical lines of Isabella I and Ferdinand II to spread throughout Europe.

Did Ferdinand Magellan have wife or kids?

There, he married, fathered two children, and organised the expedition. For his allegiance to the Hispanic Monarchy, in 1518, Magellan was appointed admiral of the Spanish Fleet and given command of the expedition — the five-ship Armada of Molucca.

Was Magellan married and did he have kids?

When Magellan arrived in Seville in October 1517, he had no connections and spoke little Spanish. He soon met another transplanted Portuguese named Diogo Barbosa, and within a year he had married Barbosa’s daughter Beatriz, who gave birth to their son Rodrigo a year later.

Did Ferdinand Magellan find what he was looking for?

Magellan did find what he was looking for. He discovered what is now known as the Strait of Magellan in October of 1520. It would be a hard-fought journey, as the crew would attempt at least one mutiny in 1520 that would leave one captain dead at Magellan’s hands and another marooned.