What is Triso Super 10?

What is Triso Super 10?

Triso Super 10+ is thin, multi-foil insulation with a thickness of 35mm – thermally equivalent to 210mm of mineral wool. Space saving and extremely flexible, it’s ideal for use as roof and loft insulation.

What is Tri ISO insulation?

Actis Triso Super 10+ is a thin multi-foil insulation, comprising of even 19 separate layers, including two metallic films with reinforcing mesh, three wadding layers, eight foam layers and six internal reflective films.

How good is multi-foil insulation?

Foil is used in space-faring craft because of these great properties preventing radiant heat loss. Because space is a vacuum, there is very little heat lost by conduction, so foil is absolutely perfect.

What is the best multi-foil insulation?

The Most Popular Multifoils

  • The leading multifoil on the market is: SuperQuilt Insulation.
  • BreatherQuilt Insulation – For insulating over rafter, this product consists of 11 perforated layers, including a breather membrane.
  • EcoQuilt Expert – 6 layer Multifoil designed to insulate Roofs, Walls, Floors and Conservatories.

What is quilt insulation?

A blanket-type thermal insulation having, on one or both principal faces, a flexible facing that is stitched or quilted.

What is hybris insulation?

HYBRIS is an honeycomb insulation which ensures winter and summer thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and air tightness of buildings. HYBRIS offers durable insulation as it does not slump down. Its components are healthy, respectful of indoor air, without irritating fibres. It is very light and pleasant to install.

What is Celotex board used for?

Celotex is a multi-purpose insulation board that can be used around the home for insulating roofs, walls and floors and they come in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

Can you board over foil insulation?

As stated, we’ve found it’s best to screw battens onto the rafters to hold the foil insulation in place and then fix the board to that. As long as the batten is pressed up really hard against the rafter, thus crushing the foil insulation when you go to drive the screw in, it seems to work.

Does foil insulation cause condensation?

The scientific construction of multiple layers of aluminum, fiber and reflective air spaces minimizes condensation-formation on or within this type of insulation, when installed in building spaces.

Can you double layer foil insulation?

As briefly touched on above, foil insulation is suitable for insulating any aspect of your home. You can either install a single layer or multiple layers of foil insulation, and you can mix it with other products.

Where is multi foil insulation most commonly used?

Additionally, multifoil insulation controls the movement of air and water vapour – multifoil insulation is most commonly installed across rafters or studs, so acts as a thermal break, reducing cold bridging and heat loss by preventing warm air from escaping, and stopping cold air from infiltrating into the roof space.

Which type of loft insulation is best?

Sheet Insulation Firm boards of either synthetic or natural materials, this is the best solution for insulating the underside of your roof. The boards provide highly effective insulation for your loft space and can also be decorated over. The downside is that sheet insulation tends to be the most expensive type.

What is TRISO insulation Super 10 plus?

Triso super Ten plus is a multi foil insulation product that is made up of various layers of foil , sheep wool and wadding. This is an ideal solution to quickly insulate the pitch of a roof with minimal tools and skill required. Importantly Triso insulation super 10 plus is a very thermally efficient insulation,…

Can you use TRISO Super 10+ under a rafter?

TRISO-SUPER 10+ THIN MULTIFOIL INSULATION TRISO-SUPER 10+ is suitable for use in an under rafter application providing the ideal option for loft conversions and saving space. REFURBISHMENT APPLICATIONS 2

What is the U-value of a TRISO-Super 10+?

Partial refurbishment / conversion with TRISO-SUPER 10+ and 37.5mm insulated plasterboard = 0.18W/m2K U-value Partial refurbishment / conversion with TRISO-SUPER 10+ and 50mm semi-rigid mineral wool = 0.18W/m2K U-value Partial refurbishment / conversion with TRISO-SUPER 10+ and 30mm PIR = 0.18W/m2K U-value TRISO-SUPER 10+ THIN MULTIFOIL INSULATION

Why choose Actis TRISO-Super 10+?

AcTIS TRISO-SUPER 10+ MAXIMUM PERFORMANcE IN 35MM THIcKNESS For 35 years the Actis vision has been to reduce buildings’ energy consumption with effective insulation solutions which, once installed, achieve the results they claim. For this reason Actis