What is Travelzoo?

What is Travelzoo?

A bit more about Travelzoo… Since 1998, Travelzoo is the most trusted publisher of travel, entertainment deals and local deals. Our deal experts research, evaluate and test thousands of deals to find those with true value. We recommend only the very best deals whose price and availability we can confirm.

Are Travelzoo vouchers refundable?

I have booked multiple Travelzoo vouchers. Most of them were fully refundable. I had to refund one voucher because of covid and did not have any problems at all. I had a great trip to Lago di Garda, booked a hotel in New York and tried out a few new restaurants. I never had any issues.

Did Travelzoo promote a Thailand Trip in December 2019?

Travelzoo promoted a Thailand trip in one of its “Top 20” emails sent to subscribers in December 2019. The Travelzoo “deal expert” for the trip promoted it as one of the best deals they’ve seen, and the email included a link to the Travelzoo webpage, which had another link to the actual travel provider, Phoenix Holidays.

Is Travelzoo responsible for my loss to a travel partner?

After I submitted the docs, Travelzoo responded that it had no responsibility for my loss because it was only an “advertiser.” Just because Travelzoo acts as an advertiser and front-end portal for its travel partners doesn’t absolve it of wrongdoing of its travel partner.

Where can I find a Travelzoo coupon code?

You can also look for a Travelzoo coupon at The Wall Street Journal to save even more. Just make sure to apply the digital code at checkout once you have made your reservation. These will be updated daily, so you are always able to save money.

What is Travelzoo doing for Savannah?

“Travelzoo helped inspire visitors to come to Savannah and the Sponsored Stories program exceeded our expectations. Travelzoo engaged users, which resulted in an increase in people searching for Savannah vacations.”

Why join the Travelzoo mailing list?

Join the Travelzoo mailing list to receive the latest travel promo codes and discounts straight to your inbox. Relax and get away from it all in beautiful Bali Indonesia. Save 36% on a 120-Min Spa on the River for two at Nandini Bali Jungle Resort & Spa.