What is meant by thermostatics?

What is meant by thermostatics?

(ˌθɜrməˈstætɪks ) noun. the science that deals with the equilibrium of heat.

What does Honories mean?

noun. a person who receives an honor, award, or special recognition.

What does Filamented mean?

: having or provided with one or more filaments.

What is the meaning of Scriba?

the Latin word scriba meaning scribe or scrivener. Scriba (ancient Rome), a public notary or clerk of the ancient Roman government.

What is thermostatic material?

Thermostatic Bimetal is a composite material, usually in the form of a strip or sheet, made up of two or more metallic layers having different coefficients of expansion. When permanently bond- ed together, these layers cause the material to change its curvature when subjected to a change in temperature.

Do you spell Honory?

Definitions for honory. hon·o·ry.

What is a filament give answer?

filament is a conducting wire with a high melting point, forming part of an electric bulb or thermionic valve and heated by an electric current. the filament of bulbs is made up of tungsten. The filament supports the anther. …

What is golden filament?

noun. a very fine thread or threadlike structure; a fiber or fibril: filaments of gold.

Where was Scriba famous?

Answer: In ancient Rome, the scriba (Latin, plural scribae) was a public notary or clerk (see also scrivener). The public scribes were the highest in rank of the four prestigious occupational grades (decuriae) among the apparitores, the attendants of the magistrates who were paid from the state treasury.

What is a marsupial clerk?

The marsupial clerks whom Caesar tells his wife he is meeting with were so called because they carried their papers and tablets in a pouch on their stomachs. Edit. Report This. Although being a slave seller was not a socially prestigious position in Ancient Rome, it was an extremely profitable one.