What is insurgency problem?

What is insurgency problem?

insurgency, term historically restricted to rebellious acts that did not reach the proportions of an organized revolution. It has subsequently been applied to any such armed uprising, typically guerrilla in character, against the recognized government of a state or country.

How does insurgency affect the economy?

As a result of uprising of insurgency, the future workforce may shrunk and gradually die out, thereby creating a vacuum in the economic future of a nation, which at the same time pose threat to the going concern of the economic activity of a nation.

What is the meaning of insurgency and terrorism?

Method versus movement Terrorism is considered to be a method of pursuing a political goal [19], while insurgency is a political movement aimed at realizing a specific political goal [65, para. 2], which is generally to overthrow a regime.

What are the impact of insurgency in Nigeria?

It is therefore evident that as Boko Haram insurgency has claimed lots of lives, aggravated the food and nutrition insecurity, further damaged to health and education sector, and has caused general fear and anxiety; an urgent solution is needed. Boko Haram insurgency is therefore a threat to human security in Nigeria.

How does Boko Haram affect Nigeria economy?

Boko Haram is also responsible for deaths and deprivation in an indirect way of starve-killing. Their operations have caused food shortages, created food insecurity in Nigeria resulting in many farmers either being killed, displaced or their livelihoods destroyed.

Why insurgency is a threat to state development?

Insurgency threatens the existing development process and has become major obstacle for development of the state. In fact, insurgency emerged in the late sixties and seventies of the last century.

What are the characteristics of insurgency?

With the goal of toppling a constituted government, insurgency is an organized movement with the goal of defeating a much more powerful foe. Because they are typically the weaker power, insurgents utilize guerrilla tactics, subversion, and asymmetric violence.

What are insurgent groups?

Insurgent groups are typically composed of a small minority of the population, but another goal of their actions is to mobilize a mass political base. Since the early twentieth century, many an insurgency has been driven by nationalist and Marxist ideas to fight an oppressive government.

What is the history of insurgency in Manipur?

The insurgency problem in Manipur came into existence in the late 1960s and 1970s. There was no problem of insurgency when Manipur merged into India. Later, the oppo- revolt. There are various root causes of insurgency movement in Manipur.