What is Esencia?

What is Esencia?

MOD DESCRIPTION WILL BE UPDATED SOON! Esencia is a forge 1.16.5 mod that adds a new dimension called the “Esencia”. There are some content in this mod including tools, weapons, and armor, and etc..

What will Northwalk Esencia have to offer?

In addition, NorthWalk is planned to include a sports park with multiple athletic fields as well as an approximately 50-acre commercial use to accommodate retail shops and services, restaurants, professional and medical offices, and more. Esencia is also home to Esencia K-8 School, part of the acclaimed Capistrano Unified School District.

What is the backyard at Esencia?

The Backyard is anchored by two distinct gathering places called The Garage and The Hangout, with each designed to appeal to a broad array of homebuyers. The Garage is home to the Esencia Visitor’s Center and includes a DIY workshop, a lounge area and bar, tether ball, ping pong table, large event lawn and children’s playhouses.

What are the canyon house neighborhoods at Esencia?

The Canyon House Neighborhoods at Esencia: The first collection of homes offered for sale at Esencia are part of The Canyon House Neighborhoods, which introduced a new model for inter-generational living by removing gates from Gavilán neighborhoods and integrating them with Esencia’s all age neighborhoods.