What is Bitvise SSH server used for?

What is Bitvise SSH server used for?

Bitvise SSH Server provides multiple types of secure remote access to Windows. A frequent usage scenario is to configure the SSH Server specifically for file transfer, without exposing the machine to terminal shell, tunneling and other types of access.

Is Bitvise SSH client free?

Bitvise SSH Client can be used free of charge, in all types of environments, without limitation. It remains possible to purchase Bitvise SSH Client licenses. A purchased license includes indemnification, which a free license does not grant. For pricing of optional SSH Client licenses, see SSH Client pricing.

What is Bitvise SSH client?

Bitvise SSH Client is used to initiate connections to SSH servers. It is usually used interactively, so it will only run when a user runs it, but it can also be launched unattended to run scripted commands or file transfers, or to maintain an SSH connection for port forwarding.

What is Bitvise SFTP server?

Bitvise SSH Server supports secure, encrypted file transfer using the protocols SFTP and SCP over SSH, and FTP over TLS (SSL). This way, no one can see your access credentials, or the files you transfer over the internet.

Is Bitvise safe?

Bitvise SSH Server and Client have an excellent security track record. Since our software was first released in 2001, we have found occasional issues. All of these were fixed promptly as they came to our attention.

Is Bitvise secure?

Bitvise is a proprietary secure remote access software developed for Windows and available as a client and server.

Is Bitvise available for Mac?

Bitvise SSH Client is not available for Mac but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on macOS with similar functionality. Other interesting Mac alternatives to Bitvise SSH Client are Tabby (Free, Open Source), Remote Desktop Manager (Freemium), Terminal (Free) and iTerm (Free, Open Source).

How do I connect to Bitvise?

When connecting to Bitvise SSH Server with an SSH client for the first time, log in with the username and password of a Windows account that exists on the machine where the SSH server is running. To log into a Windows domain account, specify it in the ‘domain\account’ format.

What is Bitwise client?

Command-Line Tunneling Client Bitvise SSH Client incorporates stnlc, a scriptable command line port forwarding client with support for static port forwarding rules, dynamic SOCKS-based tunneling, as well as the FTP-to-SFTP bridge.

How do I use Bitvise to transfer files?


  1. Create a path for storing information files on the OS, for example, D:\sftp_test.
  2. Double-click Bitvise SSH Client.
  3. Set SFTP server parameters.
  4. Click Log in.
  5. Enter the user name and password of the server and click OK.
  6. Close the dialog box.
  7. Drag the files to be transferred to the storage path.

Does Bitvise support FTP?

Bitvise SSH Server also supports FTPS – FTP over TLS/SSL. Support explicit TLS started using AUTH TLS at the beginning of the FTP control connection. Use FTP passive mode. Support TLS for data connections, and use TLS resume functionality for data connections.

Is Bitvise SSH client safe?

Bitvise SSH Server and Client have an excellent security track record. Since our software was first released in 2001, we have found occasional issues. The security of our software is our first priority, followed by reliability, followed by performance and features.

What is bitvise SSH server?

Welcome to Bitvise! We specialize in secure remote access software for Windows. Our main products are Bitvise SSH Server and SSH Client, which we try to make the best SSH client and server for Windows. Bitvise SSH Server: Secure file transfer, terminal shell, and tunneling

How to use Kerberos 5 with bitvise SSH client?

When using Bitvise SSH Client to connect to a GSSAPI-enabled SSH server in the same or a trusted Windows domain, you can let Kerberos 5 (or on older platforms, NTLM) perform the server as well as user authentication for you. No manual host key verification; no management of user passwords and public keys.

What is the SSH server for Windows?

Our advanced SSH Server for Windows provides secure remote access, file transfer, and tunneling. Supports public key authentication, SCP, SFTP. Its advantages include speed, reliability, ease of use, configurability, and bvterm – the best remote console on Windows.

How does port forwarding work with bitvise SSH?

Server-side forwarding : with Bitvise SSH Server and Client, a server and multiple clients can be set up so that all port forwarding rules are configured centrally at the server, without requiring any client-side setting updates. The SSH clients only need to be configured once, and port forwarding rules can easily be changed when necessary.