What happened to Audiovox?

What happened to Audiovox?

VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ:VOXX) is the new name for Audiovox Corporation, a company that was formed over 45 years ago as Audiovox that has morphed into a worldwide leader in many automotive and consumer electronics and accessories categories, and now into premium high-end audio.

What companies does Audiovox own?

Along with its namesake brand, the company’s products can be found under the Acoustic Research, Advent, Code Alarm, Heco, Jensen, Mac Audio, Magnate, Phase Linear, Prestige, Terk, and Vogel’s brand names. Audiovox sold its cellular subsidiary in 2004 to focus on its electronics business.

What does voxx company do?

VOXX International Corp. markets automobile sound, vehicle security, mobile video systems, and consumer electronics products. The Company markets its products both domestically and internationally under its own brands.

What companies does voxx own?

Its international brands include Audiovox, Hirschmann, Heco, Incaar, Oehlbach, Mac Audio, Magnat, Schwaiger, and others. In addition, the company licenses the Energizer brand.

Does voxx own Onkyo?

The deal to acquire Onkyo and Integra was first announced in June and it has now been completed. As first reported in late June, joint venture company between VOXX International and Sharp Corporation has completed the acquisition of Onkyo’s home audio/video business, which includes the Onkyo and Integra brands.

Is Klipsch owned by voxx?

Klipsch Group, Inc. is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX).

When did voxx buy Klipsch?

2011. Klipsch Group, Inc. is purchased and becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX).

Who owns VOXX International Corporation?

11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive, consumer and biometrics technologies, announced today it has changed the legal name of its wholly owned subsidiary from Klipsch Holding, LLC to Premium Audio Company, LLC .

Did voxx buy Onkyo?

Did Klipsch buy Onkyo?

Onkyo and Integra Brands Acquired By Klipsch Parent, Premier Audio Company. “Premium Audio Company, VOXX, Onkyo and Sharp worked together to complete a complicated asset acquisition,” said Paul Jacobs, President and CEO of Premium Audio Company. “It is a strong statement about the power of this newly formed alliance.

Who does voxx international own?

VOXX INTERNATIONAL OVERVIEW We have a broad range of products sold under a portfolio of over 35 well-known Consumer Electronics brands in the premium audio and accessories categories, including Klipsch®, RCA®, Acoustic Research®, Audiovox®, 808 Audio®, Magnat®, Heco®, Schwaiger®, Oehlbach®, and more.