What happened EastEnders 2010?

What happened EastEnders 2010?

18th January – Ian Beale is arrested on suspicion of Archie’s murder. 22nd January – Pat Evans suffers from a heart attack when amid a row between Janine Butcher and Bianca Jackson. 28th January – Archie’s funeral takes place. 4th February – Billie Jackson returns to Walford and Dr Al Jenkins says his farewells.

What happened Syed Masood?

Syed Masood is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Marc Elliott, and first appeared on screen on 21 April 2009. In September 2012, it was announced that Elliott would be leaving EastEnders alongside John Partridge. He departed on 15 November 2012.

Is EastEnders filmed live?

It’s really just for technical backup in case of a proper crisis.” The live broadcast took 400 camera shots to film, and 36 camera operators. Typical episodes of EastEnders utilise just four camera operators.

How many EastEnders are there?

No. of episodes 6,429
Executive producers Various (currently Jon Sen executive producer; Kate Oates senior executive producer)
Producers Various (currently Sharon Batten)

Who got killed in the Queen Vic?

storyline started on Christmas Day with the death of Archie Mitchell, killed by the bust of Queen Victoria in The Queen Vic pub. The killer was revealed as Stacey Slater on the live episode on the 19th February 2010, 25 years after the original EastEnders episode.

Can you visit EastEnders?

Unfortunately there are no public tours of the Eastenders Sets or of the studio itself at any time. The Albert Square permanent exterior set was designed by the late Keith Harris, the senior designer in the EastEnders production team. Extensions including a fictional Tube station have been added over the years.

What happened in EastEnders in 2010?

2010 is EastEnders’ twenty-sixth year of production. Non-character, a gloved hand opens the lock of a drawer in a darkened room. In the drawer is Archie Mitchell ’s engagement ring. Non-character, as Stacey Branning and Max Branning go home the camera pans to a bird’s-eye view of Albert Square .

Who opens the lock on the drawer in EastEnders?

Non-character, a gloved hand opens the lock of a drawer in a darkened room. In the drawer is Archie Mitchell ’s engagement ring. Non-character, as Stacey Branning and Max Branning go home the camera pans to a bird’s-eye view of Albert Square .

What are some examples of non-character scenes in EastEnders?

Non-character, as Stacey Branning and Max Branning go home the camera pans to a bird’s-eye view of Albert Square . Non character, The Queen Vic Fire is blazing and The Queen Victoria pub sign falls off. Non-character, Carol Jackson leaves a note on the kitchen door saying “Do not come in”.

What was the EastEnders spin off called?

EastEnders: Back to Ours
EastEnders: Back to Ours It returned for a third time on 1 January 2016 for a one-off special.

How many episodes of EastEnders have there been?

EastEnders/Number of episodes

When was the last live episode of EastEnders?

EastEnders Live: The Aftermath, a documentary which followed the episode on BBC Three, was seen by 4.54 million viewers, drawing the station’s highest ever ratings….EastEnders Live.

“EastEnders Live”
Produced by Diederick Santer
Production code DRAB183J
Original air date 19 February 2010
Running time 30 minutes

Who Shot Phil Mitchell?

Described as “home-wrecking blonde”, Lisa arrived on Albert Square and was involved in numerous storylines, including a volatile relationship with Phil Mitchell. The partnership was a certainly a rocky one, and ended up with Lisa shooting Phil in the famous “Who shot Phil?” storyline.

What happens to Max on EastEnders?

Max bowed out of the show in Friday night’s episode (February 19) after burning bridges with almost everyone on the Square. Max’s final week in Walford saw him blackmail Phil into signing The Vic back to the Carters, while also making a final plea to Linda to reconsider their romance.

What year did Frank Butcher return to EastEnders?

Frank made his return as a recurring character from December 1995 to January 1998. Frank eventually becomes a regular once again from May 1998 to November 2000, when Reid quit the show. Frank makes three brief reappearances after that, the final one in December 2005.

What year was Series 13 in EastEnders?

Name First Aired
S13E16 1997-02-06 February 6, 1997 BBC One
S13E17 1997-02-10 February 10, 1997 BBC One
S13E18 1997-02-11 February 11, 1997 BBC One
S13E19 1997-02-13 February 13, 1997 BBC One

Which soap did the first live episode?

The episode was number 4945 in the series and was the first live edition to be broadcast since Episode 17, which aired on 3 February 1961….Coronation Street Live (2000 episode)

Episode 4945
Written by Peter Whalley
Original air date 8 December 2000
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Guest appearances

Can I watch EastEnders without TV license?

Yes. You need a TV Licence if you watch programmes showing live on any online TV channel or service.

Who was the first baby in EastEnders in 2010?

February saw the show’s first birth of 2010, with Kamil Masood, the fourth child of the established Zainab Masood and Masood Ahmed. The same month, Sandy Gibson, the mother of Dotty Cotton appeared. The character of Harvey Freeman was introduced in April, and the fourth main character from EastEnders: E20, Mercy Olubunmi, joined EastEnders in May.

When did E20 start on EastEnders?

E20 features a group of sixth-form characters and targets the ” Hollyoaks demographic”. It was written by a team of young writers and was shown three times a week on the EastEnders website from 8 January 2010. A second ten-part series started in September 2010, with twice-weekly episodes available online and an omnibus on BBC Three.

Who are the top 10 EastEnders characters of 2010?

List of EastEnders characters (2010) 1 Fatima Inzamam 2 Zsa Zsa Carter 3 Leon Small 4 Fatboy 5 Glenda Mitchell 6 Danny Mitchell 7 Kamil Masood 8 Sandy Cotton 9 Kylie 10 Connor Stanley

When did EastEnders start and end on TV?

Watch launched in October 2008 and resumed EastEnders reruns from 5 January 2009 to 15 October 2009, finishing with episodes originally broadcast in December 2006. From 20 February to 26 May 1995, as part of the programme’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, episodes from 1985 were repeated each weekday morning at 10 am, starting from episode one.