What division is Orient jail?

What division is Orient jail?

Hillsborough County Jail Division I — General Information

Facility Name Hillsborough County Jail Division I
Facility Type County Jail
Address 1201 Orient Road, Tampa, FL, 33619
Capacity 1711
Facility Type Adult

How do I contact an inmate in Hillsborough County Jail?

To receive information about an inmate: Call 813-247-8300to reach the inmate information line. You will need to have the inmate booking number available to access information.

How many people are in Hillsborough County Jail?

Hillsborough County Jail has been operating since 1994, and it is in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida. It has an inmate capacity of 2304. 14 officers run the facility. It has a health doctor and nurse, and it runs several mental health programs.

Is Falkenburg Jail Division 1 or Division 2?

Major Tiffanie Cole is the Division Commander for Jail Division I. As Deputy Division Commander, Major Cole has managed the Orient and Falkenburg Road Jails as well as the Inmate Support Services Division. …

How do I send money to an inmate in Hillsborough County?


  1. Make a call to TouchPay 1-866-232-1899. You will need to have available the Visa / MasterCard (credit or debit) or personal checking account information to be used for payment.
  2. Follow the voice prompts.
  3. All completed transactions will receive a confirmation number.

What phone service does Hillsborough County Jail use?

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office contracts with GTL’s ConnectNetwork™ to provide inmate phone services to the jail. Called parties can make payments directly to an inmate’s calling account or set up a prepaid Collect calling plan for calls to cell phones or accounts with credit issues.

How do I visit someone in Hillsborough County Jail?

Please visit https://hcsovisit.com/app to set up a visitation account. Each inmate is permitted to have up to three (3) visitors per visit. One of the three visitors must be an adult. Inmates are limited to three (3) scheduled visits per calendar week.

What jails are in Tampa?

Best Jails & Prisons in Tampa, FL

  • Orient Road Jail. 7.2 mi. Jails & Prisons. 1201 Orient Rd, Tampa, FL 33619.
  • Falkenburg Road Jail. 9.3 mi. Jails & Prisons. 520 Falkenburg Rd, Tampa, FL 33619.
  • Pasco County Jail. 21.3 mi. Jails & Prisons.
  • Pinellas County Jail. 15.2 mi. Jails & Prisons.
  • Calvary Prison Ministry. 14.0 mi. Jails & Prisons.

How do I use TouchPay?

Customers can make deposits and payments through our proprietary Lobby Kiosk, online through our secure web portal, via toll-free phone IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and through Walk-In Retail providers. Most payments are processed within 24 hours.

Where is the Hillsborough County Jail Orient Road?

About the Hillsborough County Jail – Orient Road The Hillsborough County Jail – Orient Road, located in the city of Tampa, in Hillsborough County, Florida is a medium to maximum-security facility. Every year this facility has 34220 Bookings, with a daily average of 1711 Inmates and a staff of 427.

What is the name of the jail in Tampa Florida?

Hillsborough County Jail – Orient Road Jail – Tampa, FL. Hillsborough County Jail is located in Hillsborough County, Florida and is the main correctional facility for the region.

Where are inmates held in Hillsborough County Florida?

If your inmate has been charged but not yet convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, he or she will most likely be held in Hillsborough County County within the county where the crime occurred. If you only have the city name, look up the city’s police department, call and ask them if they keep inmates at a local jail or send them to the county jail.

What happens to mail sent to the Hillsborough County Jail?

Any mail sent to inmates will be opened and examined and read by the jail officers, and will get sent back to the person who mailed it if the jail decides it is inappropriate. The mailing address for Hillsborough County Jail is: