Is Torchlight 2 free to play?

Is Torchlight 2 free to play?

Seattle-based developer Runic Games’ sequel to the action-RPG Torchlight features additional character classes, quests, monsters, and dungeons not found in the original game. Torchlight II also now includes cooperative play through a free, peer-to-peer matchmaking service.

How many classes are there in Torchlight 2?

There are four classes in Torchlight 2. Those are: Each of them has a unique style and abilities. Compearing to modern games Torchlight skill tree is very simple, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties even for new players. Now let’s have a better look at all the classes.

What is guts Torchlight II?

With GUTS, the Torchlight II editor, you’re using the exact same tools we used to make the game. Check out the official wiki to start creating new experiences and share them with the world. Torchlight II also supports Steam Workshop, allowing for automatic mod subscription and synchronization.

How to distribute skill points in Torchlight 2?

You should distribute them in accordance with your desires and build. The maximum amount of levels in Torchlight 2 is 100. That means that you get a chance to distribute 100 skill points, but 495 stat points. That means that you cannot take all active and passive skills in your skill trees, of course.

Is there a guide for Torchlight 2 mechanics?

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. I’m quite surprised there are no guide about torchlight 2 mechanics. This forced me to dig runic games forum and do various tests myself.

What is the damage bonus in Torchlight 2?

There are four stats in torchlight 2 – strength, dexterity, focus and vitality. weapon damage by 0.5%. Doesn’t seems like there is a realistic damage bonus cap. critical damage bonus by 0.4%. Capped at 399.6%, which is achieved at 999 strength. dodge.