Is there a trick to spinning a ball on your finger?

Is there a trick to spinning a ball on your finger?

The easiest way to spin a basketball on your finger is to spin the ball with the index finger on your dominant hand. Spin the ball and toss it in the air. Catch the ball so your index finger is holding it where the grooves meet in the center. Use your free hand to spin the ball more if it starts to slow down.

What’s the world record for spinning a basketball on one finger?

11 min 22.22 sec
The longest time to spin a basketball on one finger using one hand is 11 min 22.22 sec, achieved by Narayan Bhattarai (Nepal), at the Imadol Banquet, Mahalaxmi, Lalitpur, Nepal, on 8 May 2018. Narayan practiced for more than 15 months to break this record.

Should I pop a jammed finger?

It is a common misconception that the individual or a coach should attempt to “pull it out” to realign it—this is not the case. Rather, the finger should be splinted and the person should seek medical attention.

How to spin a golf ball on your finger?

This skill is all about rotating the ball on your finger. To ensure continuous rotation of the ball, you need to hold your hand parallel to the ground. Swing the ball with your left hand on the other hand with a pointed finger is prepared to spin it. Learn the basic spin first before trying out some other styles.

How do you balance a spinning ball?

Your finger should contact the ball on the bottom center of the ball. Once your finger comes into contact with the ball, you may need to adjust the position of your hand slightly back and forth until the spinning ball is balanced on your finger.

How to play Rubik’s Cube?

The cube is held from the middle and top layers with the thumb and first two fingers, leaving the ring and pinky finger free behind the puzzle. Next, one of the ring fingers is used to rotate the down face layer in the required direction. It is recommended to practice these moves slowly.

How to spin a basketball on your finger?

An old basketball – you will want to use an older basketball that is worn and possibly even slick. It will have less grip or friction and it will spin easier on your finger. A finger – Of course you will need a finger to spin the ball on. Any of them will work but most people start with their index finger or middle finger.