How much oil does a 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman take?

How much oil does a 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman take?

4.4 quarts
Engine Oil

Viscosity: 5W-30, 0W-30 (All TEMPS)
Capacity: 4.4 quarts. . . . (with filter)After refill check oil level.
Torque: 18 ft/lbs (Oil Drain Plug)

What kind of oil does a 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman take?

The 2009 mini cooper clubman takes 5w-30 high performance synthetic motor oil.

How much oil does a Mini Cooper Clubman take?

5.6 quarts. . (with filter)After refill check oil level. Torque: 18 ft/lbs (Oil Drain Plug) On the oil filter housing, remove drain plug.

What is the best engine oil for Mini Cooper S?

MINI Cooper Oil Recommendations MINI High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 Oil is the most highly recommended option, as it is used by MINI themselves during a MINI Oil Change and is even listed with other MINI Cooper parts (part number 07 51 0 143 829).

How often do Mini Coopers need an oil change?

every 4,000 to 6,000 miles
SO, HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU CHANGE THE OIL IN YOUR MINI COOPER? It’s a good idea to get your MINI’s oil changed every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. This ensures that your oil is always working efficiently and keeps your vehicle healthy and safer to drive.

What oil goes in a 2009 Mini Cooper?

The recommended oil type for a 2009 MINI Cooper is synthetic motor oil 5w-30.

Can I use 10W 40 instead of 5W-30?

Your vehicle does not use 5W-30 oil. The recommended oil viscosity for your vehicle, according to Kia documentation, is 10W-40. If you drive the vehicle in exceptionally cold weather, well below 32 degrees, you can use 5W-30 oil but even 10W-40 is still perfectly OK to use if outdoor temperatures are below freezing.

How much oil does a 2008 Mini Cooper take?

Engine Oil 5.1 quarts. . (with filter)After refill check oil level.

How much oil do I put in a mini?

Engine Oil Change
Engine Oil Capacity 4.5 liters/4.7 quarts (Mk I Cooper)
4.8 liters/5.0 quarts (Mk I Cooper S 2005 and onward)
4.2 liters/4.4 quarts (Mk II models)
Oil Drain Plug Torque 30 Nm/22 ft-lbs

Why does my Mini Coopers use so much oil?

If the engine is pushed too aggressively, the piston walls can get too scratched up, leading to oil burning issues in the future. The break-in procedure is very simple. Just make sure to keep the first 1,200 miles under 100mph and 4,500 RPM. Then be sure to change the oil at 2,000 miles.

Why is a Mini Cooper oil Change so expensive?

Higher costs for services such as oil changes are thanks to Mini’s luxury owner, BMW. Another factor that makes the Mini Cooper more expensive overall is its need for premium gasoline, AxleAddict explains. When a Cooper needs repairs needed, they tend to cost more, too.

How to change the oil in a 2015 Mini Cooper Clubman?

Oil & Filter Change Mini Cooper (2008-2015) Clubman 1.6L 4 Cyl. 1. Getting Started – Prepare for the repair 2. Open the Hood – How to pop the hood and prop it open 3. Find Oil Drain – Locate the oil drain plug underneath the vehicle 4. Drain Oil – Set up the workspace, drain oil and replace plug 5. Find Oil Filter – Locate the oil filter 6.

What kind of oil does a Mini Cooper take?

If your Cooper is too low to the ground to access your drain plug and oil filter, be sure to use jack stands and safe jacking procedures before getting under your Cooper. Most Minis have the oil type printed on the oil cap – it will likely be 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30 or 10W-40.

What to do after installing oil filter on Mini Cooper s?

For MINI Cooper S ONLY: After you install the oil filter remember to put back the coolant expansion tank just like it was before. With the oil drain plug and oil filter installed, you can lower your car back to the ground.

How often should I service my Mini Cooper (2002 to 2013)?

You no longer necessarily have to do a tune-up every 6 months, or change the oil every 3 months, but regular fluid changes are still essential to your vehicle’s longevity. What follows is our quick reference guide to many of the recommended routine maintenance tasks for MINI (2002 to 2013), most of which you can do yourself at home.