How much does it cost to swim with dolphins in Maui?

How much does it cost to swim with dolphins in Maui?

How Much Is Does it Cost to Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii?

Tour Operator Price
Dolphins and You $156 for adults, $124 for children
Dolphin Excursions Snorkel Adventures $120 for adults, $85 for children
Wild Side Specialty Tours $195 per person
Hanauma Bay Dive Tours $120 for adults, $85 for children under 12

When can you see dolphins in Maui?

Unlike the leaping Humpback whales that visit Maui each winter, dolphins are full time Maui residents that can be spotted at any time of year. The most common dolphin encounters on Maui occur when out on a boat, particularly those between Lahaina and Lanai where there’s a large population of spinners.

What island in Hawaii can you swim with dolphins?

Big Island
Dolphin Quest is the only dolphin interaction of its kind on Hawaii’s Big Island. Spend time with our marine mammal specialists and our dolphins and get to know these magnificent creatures in the comfort of a small group, creating the ideal, intimate experience that’s sure to be the highlight of your vacation.

Can you swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii?

Please do not swim with wild dolphins or manta rays. Wild swim with dolphins Hawaii or Hawaii manta swims are not eco-friendly nor sustainable for their species.

Which Hawaiian island is best for dolphins?

You might also picture interacting with friendly dolphins as you swim, surf, or snorkel in the Hawaiian wilderness. The island of Oahu is one of the best places in the world to see these creatures in the wild!

Where are the spinner dolphins in Maui?

You will see these playful marine mammals while going to Shark Fin Cove that is located on the outskirts of Hulopo’e Bay. Alternatively, you can also spot the Hawaiian spinner dolphins near the cliffs between Kamaiki Point and Manele Harbor.

Can you swim with sharks in Maui?

Can you swim with sharks in Maui? Yes, you can swim and dive with sharks in Maui. Shark diving is one of the most popular diving experiences for seasoned and beginner divers.

Can you swim with dolphins on Kauai?

Na Pali Riders offers a Kauai boat tour with dolphin encounters to put you face to face with the majestic creatures. As you sail through the waters along the Na Pali Coast, it’s not uncommon for a dolphin (or a whole group!) to swim right alongside your raft.

Is it safe to swim with dolphins in the ocean?

Both humans and dolphins are mammals. Although sea water acts as an effective disinfectant, interaction with wild dolphins may result in disease transfer. These may present serious health threats to dolphins and humans alike. Finally, swimming with dolphins represents harassment – you do not want to get a fine.

Should you swim with dolphins?

Swimming with dolphins is not safe for your family, nor the dolphins. Despite what dolphinaria may have you believe, dolphins are apex ocean predators, capable of even killing sharks, and should be treated as such. Dolphins can be aggressive to people, other dolphins, or even self-harm.

Are spinner dolphins friendly?

Although spinner dolphins may not appear to be sleeping when you see them in near-shore waters, they often are. Although dolphins may seem curious, many of their behaviors are often misinterpreted as “friendly” when they actually are, in fact, signs of disturbance or aggression.