How many pages exist on Wikipedia?

How many pages exist on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia:Size of Wikipedia

English articles 6,445,899
Total wiki pages 55,111,773
Article percentage 11.7%
Average revisions 19.31
Total admins 1,060

Who has the largest Wikipedia page?

Steven Pruitt (born April 17, 1984) is an American Wikipedia editor with the highest number of edits made on the English Wikipedia: 4.4 million. He has also created more than 33,000 Wikipedia articles.

What is the largest entry in Wikipedia?

This week, Wikipedia recently updated the article pertaining to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign endorsements. With over 648,769 bytes, the page is now the longest ever on Wikipedia.

What are some of the scariest horror stories you’ve ever read?

The scariest one was about Fred and Rosemary West, who killed at least 10 young women and girls, some of them their own daughters. Most of the murders involved rape, bondage, torture, and mutilation. 2. Black-eyed children Paranormal creatures that resemble children who supposedly hitchhike, panhandle, or just show up at your doorstep.

What are some of the most famous creepypasta monsters?

The Rake is often listed as one of the most famous Creepypasta monsters. In 2018, a film based on the Rake was released on TubiTV and Amazon Prime. The film was poorly received by critics. “Torture Soup” or “Blank Room Soup” is a video in which a man is seen reluctantly eating a bowl of soup with a large spoon.

What is creepypasta?

These Internet entries are often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intended to scare, frighten or discomfort readers. The term “Creepypasta” originates from Copypasta, made from the words “copy” and “paste”. 4.9 Catastrophe Crow! This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

What was the creepy YouTube series that confused gamers on Reddit?

^ Barron, Alex (31 August 2017). ” ” Petscop,” the Creepy YouTube Series That Confounded Gamers on Reddit”. The New Yorker. ISSN 0028-792X. Retrieved 24 November 2017. ^ Hernandez, Patricia (21 April 2017).