How many endings does Tales from the Borderlands have?

How many endings does Tales from the Borderlands have?

And you have the 2 different endings about Jack and depending on your choice the whole tone of the ending is drastically different.

Can I skip Tales from the Borderlands?

Otherwise, TellTale Games will remember that.

Is there romance in Tales from the Borderlands?

Aside from the common choices; when Fiona and Rhys approach the Vault, there’s a romantic option the player can take. Throughout the story, there are many moments that could create a romantic relationship between Rhys and Sasha, should the player decide to do so.

Is Handsome Jack in Tales from the Borderlands?

Handsome Jack is a character in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. The real Handsome Jack is dead at the start of the Tales from the Borderlands, but he appears as an AI (Artificial intelligence) only seen by Rhys in a program developed by Professor Nakayama.

Who is Mad Moxxi’s son?

Moxxi has been married at least three times to different husbands. She mothered a son, Scooter, with Jimbo Hodunk presumably back when she was part of the Hodunk clan.

What did Rhys find in the vault?

The game ends on a cliffhanger, with Rhys and Fiona finding a treasure chest inside the vault, which they open and are teleported elsewhere.

Is Tales from the Borderlands cannon?

Tales is considered canon to Gearbox, the events occurring between Borderlands 2 (released in 2012) and Borderlands 3 (released in 2019).

Why is Tales from the Borderlands so good?

Titles from Telltale Games tend to be narrative-focused, and often offer another entry into different franchises’ universes that are perfect for dedicated fans. This plays heavily in Tales from the Borderlands’ favor, since its characters are the most compelling reason to play the game.

Is Rhys a villain?

Even if the player does not play Rhys as an antagonist, Rhys does show many villainous traits; such as being smug towards lower class people, having a highly arrogant personality, trash talking people around him, lying to people to gain power, and stealing from others.

Do Rhys and Sasha get together?

Rhys and Sasha can get together at the end, the episode ends with Rhys going his own way to start up Atlas with the vault treasure with Sasha or by himself, as he leaves Fiona, Vaughn, and (sometimes Sasha) behind on Pandora.

Who is the main villain in Borderlands 1?

Commandant Steele
Commandant Steele is an officer in the Crimson Lance and the main antagonist of Borderlands.

Who is Handsome Jack’s wife?

We know that Jack was married and that first wife is presumably Angel’s mother who died sometime when Angel was a child and according to Jack, she died when Angel lost control of her powers which led to Angel being locked up. However, in Episode 5 of TFTBL, Hologram!