How do you chat while spectating in PUBG?

How do you chat while spectating in PUBG?

As specified elsewhere, there is no way to communicate with a person in another match without private messages or a clan channel. As well, you are spectating on a 3 minute delay; this is to prevent people from influencing the match by spectating (watching team A and warning a friend on team B, for example).

How do I enable all chat?

Enabling All Chat only takes a few quick clicks.

  1. While in a game, open the Options Menu by pressing [ESC]
  2. Go to the Interface tab on the left.
  3. Scroll down until you find the Chat section.
  4. Check the “Show [All] Chat (Matched Games)” box.

Can you spectate friends in league?

In League of Legends, you can spectate all your friends’ games after the champion select is over. Simply right-click on a friend in the friends list and click Spectate (in the League of Legends client).

How do you know if someone is spectating you in lol?

After you finish, you try to spectate the game your friend is spectating. If a message error pops, then he is spectating you.

What is allow spectators to view tier information?

After entering the settings menu, go to the basic settings section. Scroll down in the basic settings section and try to find “Allow spectators to view tier information”. PUBG Mobile enables the “Allow spectators to view tier information” by default, so you have to click and disable the option.

Is all chat disabled in NA?

Riot is removing the popular all chat feature (also called /all chat) in League’s next patch in hopes of combatting toxicity, the developer announced on Tuesday. The feature will remain disabled for a few patches while Riot tests player responses to its removal.

Is all chat being removed LOL?

In their official announcement, Riot Games is removing the all-chat feature from League of Legends in its latest patch 11.21 update. It’s officially here. Patch 11.21 has finally arrived and with it, the removal of the /all chat feature in League of Legends, which is bound to create a certain level of controversy.

Why can’t I spectate in league?

A common reason as to why people are unable to spectate their friends is a lobby. You cannot be in a lobby if you wish to spectate your friends. You must leave the lobby, then you will be able to spectate anyone on your friends list. The game currently does allow spectating!

Is there a way to spectate League of Legends on your phone?

Spectator Mode is essentially recreating the game you are watching in your client, not a simple video like you would imagine. Therefore, to view on your phone, you’d need a copy of the League Client itself, then you could watch replays/spectate.

Why can’t I spectate my friend in lol?

How do I hide my KD from friends?

What is spectating in League of Legends (LoL)?

Spectating League of Legends enables players to observe games in progress in Spectator Mode. Spectator Mode is different from a normal player’s perspective in a number of ways. For starters, a spectating player has no champion to command or team affiliation.

What is spectator mode in League of Legends?

On November 10, 2011, it was reintroduced to custom games for beta testing, and has since been implemented into normal games but with its limits to prevent any cheating among players. League of Legends enables players to observe games in progress in Spectator Mode. Spectator Mode is different from a normal player’s perspective in a number of ways.

How do I become a spectator in League of Legends?

When you are browsing for a custom League of Legends game you will now have the option to join that game as a spectator. Alternatively, you can elect to become a spectator after joining the game lobby as a player. You may also spectate a friend’s game by right clicking on their name in your friend list, and clicking ‘Spectate game’. Q.

How do I enable or disable spectators in my game?

Game hosts have the option to enable or disable spectators. Players also must join your game as a spectator through the custom game lobby. If you are not comfortable with a player spectating your game, you will as stated before have the option to kick or ban them from the lobby before the game starts.