How do you call SQL object in PeopleCode?

How do you call SQL object in PeopleCode?

If you want to fetch a single row into a PeopleCode record object, use the record Select method. If sql is not a SELECT statement, and either: there are some inval parameters, or there are no bind placeholders in the SQL statement, the statement is immediately bound and executed.

What is SQLExec in PeopleCode?

PeopleCode provides the SQL class for accessing these SQL definitions in your PeopleCode program at runtime. The SQL class provides capability beyond that offered by SQLExec. Unlike SQLExec, which fetches just the first SELECTed row, operations for the SQL class allow iteration over all rows fetched.

What is Oracle PeopleCode?

PeopleCode is a proprietary object-oriented programming language used to express business logic for PeopleSoft applications. Dot notation, classes and methods in PeopleCode are similar to other object oriented languages, like Java. Object syntax was an important feature of PeopleTools 8.

How do you exit a loop in PeopleCode?

You can exit a For loop using a Break statement.

How do you find the difference between two dates in PeopleCode?

Finding Number of Days Between Two Dates

  1. %DateAdd(from_date, nbr_days_to_add) – You can use negative numbers in the second parameter.
  2. %DateDiff(from_date, to_date)
  3. %DateTimeDiff(from_datetime, to_datetime) – Gives the difference between two date/times in minutes.

How do I change date format in PeopleCode?

The PeopleCode function ‘DateTimetoLocalizedString’ converts a date, time or date-time value into a formatted string. Most of the challenge in using this command comes from making sense of the date/time format parameter. There are at least fifteen symbols in the format pattern that each carry a special meaning.

How do you create a function in PeopleCode?

Function Declarations If you call an external function from a PeopleCode program, you must declare the function at the top of the program. The syntax of the function declaration varies, depending on whether the external function is written in PeopleCode or compiled in a dynamic link library.

What programming language is PeopleSoft written in?

Peoplesoft is written in C. The Application Architecture is designed around the usage of SQL to access records stored in the Database. Several different databases can be use by Peoplesoft Applications. PeopleCode is the online language developer by Peoplesoft.

How do you use an array in PeopleCode?

Populating an Array

  1. Use CreateArray when you initially create the array: Local Array of Number &MyArray &MyArray = CreateArray(100, 200, 300);
  2. Assign values to the elements of the array:
  3. Use the Push method to add items to the end of the array:
  4. Use the Unshift method to add items to the beginning of the array:

How do I get the current date in PeopleCode?

}PeopleCode. select to_char(sysdate,’dd’) from dual; should get you the day.

Is modal in PeopleCode?

You can call a secondary page as a push button/hyperlink or you can use the DoModal PeopleCode function. If using the Peoplecode DoModal function, you need to add a “Secondary Page Control” on the primary (i.e. calling) page, otherwise the OK button won’t return you to the primary page.

How do you use component variables in PeopleCode?

To use a component variable within an event, you should first declare it. Otherwise, it would be treated as a local variable and the value wouldn’t be available in the particular event.

How do I use%SQL in PeopleCode?

The PeopleCode SQL might look like this: Note. You can use %SQL only to reference SQL objects created directly in Application Designer. For instance, you cannot use %SQL to reference SQL that resides within a section in an application library. Common SQL should be stored as a proper SQL object.

How do I use PeopleCode Records as input and output fields?

When used as an input, several fields in the record are used to replace a single bind marker in the SQL statement. The bind marker for a record describes the type of substitution to be done. Both records and other PeopleCode types can be mixed in both the output and input. At runtime, you instantiate a SQL object from the SQL class.

Can I call a saved SQL object in PeopleCode?

Then, you could call the saved SQL object in PeopleCode as follows: However, this approach still doesn’t get around our earlier objections. Any records included in an SQL object won’t appear in a ‘Find Definitions Reference’ search, and there is still potential for a hidden statement to be ‘smuggled’ into the system.

Is it possible to bind variables in PeopleCode with%SQL?

This code would not be valid if the SQL ran in PeopleCode. However, if you define your SQL as shown, you could use parameters in %SQL to insert the appropriate bind variable: UPDATE PS_TEMP_TBL SET ACTIVE = %P (1) WHERE PROCESS_INSTANCE = %ProcessInstance From Application Engine, the base SQL, or source statement, might look like this: