How do I find the two-axle rates on NTTA toll roads?

How do I find the two-axle rates on NTTA toll roads?

Our interactive map below displays the two-axle rates on every NTTA toll road. Simply zoom in, then click and drag to find the specific tolling point. Then, click your mouse on the tolling point, and you’ll see the TollTag and higher ZipCash rates for two-axle vehicles.

When do E-ZPass toll rates change in Maryland?

The following change is effective January 1, 2016: For vehicles using the Childs Street and I-695 turnaround exits at the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and Key Bridge respectively, E-ZPass Maryland toll rates will decrease to $2 per axle for three-to-six-plus-axle vehicles.

How do I use the turnpike toll calculator?

The toll calculator is based on your Mass Turnpike entry and exit points and calculates the toll costs of your entire trip on the Turnpike. Please select your entry/exit points, number of axles and payment method: Toll Rates for Tunnels and Tobin Bridge Tolls are charged in both directions at tunnels and the Tobin.

How much is the toll on the Bay Bridge with E-ZPass?

Increase the E-ZPass Maryland discount from 10% to 37.5% at the Bay Bridge – toll drops from $5.40 to $2.50 round trip.

What happens if you pass through a tollway with inadequate load?

If you happen to pass through a tollway with insufficient load, you’re still allowed to pass through the expressway. You’ll be asked to reload on the next ticket booth or asked to stop and reload your RFID account near the toll gate. That’s probably a lot of tables of toll fees to take in, but it’s still important to keep yourself updated.

Do you need to review the toll fees for out-of-town trips?

Aside from renewing your auto insurance, now is a good time to review the toll fees you’ll need to pay for your next out-of-town trip. After all, it’s probably been a while since you drove outside Metro Manila. 1. How much are the toll fees for popular destinations? 2. Can I still pay cash in SLEX or NLEX? 3. Do I need to reload my RFID regularly?

Is electronic toll collection the future of the expressway?

Savvy expressway users know that electronic toll collection is the future. Currently, there are two cashless payment solutions used by different operators: Easytrip for NLEX, SCTEX, and CAVITEX; and Autosweep RFID for Skyway and SLEX. If you still pay your toll fees manually, then you’re missing out a lot.