How do I contact Edhi?

How do I contact Edhi?

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  1. Head Office. Sarafa Bazar, Boulton Market,Mithadar, Karachi.
  2. Call us at. +92 (21) 32413232.
  3. Email Address. [email protected].

How do I adopt a child from Edhi?

How to Adopt a Child

  1. Sign it and send it to the Edhi Foundation head office in Karachi.
  2. After verifying all the information in the form, the couple will be called for an interview.
  3. Mrs Bilquis Edhi will interview the couple and decide whether to approve their adoption application or not.

How many Edhi centers are there?

300 centres
The organization has over 300 centres across the country, being present anywhere from big cities to small towns and remote rural areas, primarily focused on providing medical aid, family planning and emergency assistance.

What did Edhi do for orphans?

Since its inception, the Edhi Foundation has rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants, rehabilitated over 50,000 orphans and has trained over 40,000 nurses.

What does Edhi Foundation do?

The services which make the Edhi Foundation unique among all other social welfare service providers, is its exemplary services in the areas of—such as providing free shroud and burial services to unclaimed dead bodies, shelter for the disabled and destitute people, orphans and abandoned children, provision of free …

Who is running Edhi Foundation now?

Management of all funds is centralized and remains in the exclusive controls of Edhi with his son Faisal Edhi and Daughter Kubra Edhi who are personally involved in all operations of the foundation. They are also responsible national and international fund-raising.

Is adoption allowed in Islam?

Adoption: Adoption in its legal form is prohibited in Islam, but Islam allowed persons to cover needy namely orphaned children with protection and financial support. In other words, any parent can give the parental care and affection to a child without granting him any legal obligations such as inheritance.

How can I adopt a newborn baby in Pakistan?

The process for adopting a child from Pakistan generally includes the following steps:

  1. Choose an Adoption Service Provider.
  2. Apply to be Found Eligible to Adopt.
  3. Be Matched with a Child.
  4. Gain Legal custody of the child in Pakistan.
  5. Apply for the child to be found eligible for orphan status.
  6. Bring Your Child Home.

How many ambulances does Edhi have?

Edhi land ambulance services Edhi Foundation operates a fleet of over 1800 land ambulances.

Where did Abdul Edhi live?

ABDUL SATTAR EDHI was born in 1928 (*1928–†2016) in India, in Bantva, a small village near Joona Gurh, in Gujarat State. In 1947, after partition of the former British colony into two separate independent states, India and Pakistan, Abdul Sattar Edhi’s family, who were Muslims, moved to Pakistan.

Can you adopt a child in Pakistan?

Pakistan has no statute that provides for the adoption of children; thus there is no law setting forth age, residency, or marriage requirements. In general, adoptions are a community matter in Pakistan. People often opt for informal adoptions according to their faith, outside the Family Courts.

How is Edhi Foundation run?

Edhi foundation is run entirely with the help of volunteers. There are round six thousand volunteers, comprising of zonal heads, workers at several Edhi Homes, clerks at Edhi Centers, workers at maternity homes and ambulance drivers.

What are the famous Edhi Homes in Pakistan?

Edhi Child Home Korangi Karachi (for missing lost children) Edhi Home Qasba Colony Karachi (Old age home) Edhi Animal Hostle (super high way) Edhi Morgue (biggest morgue in Pakistan) EDHI International Foundations Abdul Sattar Edhi International Foundation London U.K Running two charitable shops.

Where is the Edhi head office in Karachi?

Edhi Welfare Organization > Networks Networks Networks EDHI Head Office Sarafa Bazar, Boulton Market, Mithadar, Karachi. Phone: +92 (21) 32413232 Fax:+92 (21) 32418753 Zonal Office Karachi Near Merewether Tower, Kharadar, Karachi.

Where can I find a child home in Karachi?

Edhi Child Home – Edhi village Super High Way (for orphan children) Edhi Female Child Home (Clifton) Edhi North Karachi ( for mentally retarded females) Edhi Child Home Korangi Karachi (for missing lost children) Edhi Home Qasba Colony Karachi (Old age home) Edhi Animal Hostle (super high way) Edhi Morgue (biggest morgue in Pakistan)

What are the services offered by Edhi?

Unfolded Lessons About Edhi Historical Significance Services Online Qurbani Service Ambulance Service Hospital Children Services Edhi Homes & Orphanage Centres Helpline Service Educational Services Graveyard Missing Persons Service Refugees Assistance Marriage Bureau Service Langer Service (Free Kitchen) Charitable Shop Edhi Animal Hostel