How do I check my job status on PBS?

How do I check my job status on PBS?

DESCRIPTION The qstat command is used to request the status of jobs, queues, or a batch server. The requested status is written to standard out. When requesting job status, synopsis format 1, qstat will output information about each job_identifier or all jobs at each destination.

What does state Eqw mean?

Eqw: Job waiting in error state.

What is SGE cluster?

The Sun Grid Engine queuing system is useful when you have a lot of tasks to execute and want to distribute the tasks over a cluster of machines. Load Balancing – automatically distributes tasks across the cluster such that any one node doesn’t get overloaded compared to the rest. …

How do I check my SGE queue?

You can use either QMON or the command line to display queue properties….Displaying Queue Properties

  1. Launch the QMON Main Control window.
  2. Click the Queue Control button.
  3. Select a queue, and then click Show Detached Settings.

How do I check my PBS queue?

See man pbs for a list of all PBS commands.

  1. qsub. To submit a batch job to the specified queue using a script: %qsub -q queue_name job_script.
  2. qstat. To display queue information: %qstat -Q queue_name %qstat -q queue_name %qstat -fQ queue_name.
  3. qdel. To delete (cancel) a job: %qdel job_id.
  4. qhold. To hold a job: %qhold job_id.

How do I know if a job is running in putty?

Checking the memory usage of a running job:

  1. First log onto the node your job is running on.
  2. You can use the Linux commands ps -x to find the Linux process ID of your job.
  3. Then use the Linux pmap command: pmap
  4. The last line of the output gives the total memory usage of the running process.

What does Eqw mean in Linux?

Managing Jobs on Farber

State Code Description
r Job is executing (running)
Eqw An error occurred when Grid Engine attempted to schedule the job, so it has been returned to the qw state
s Job has been suspended so that a higher-priority job can preempt it and use its resources.

How do I cancel QSUB?

Use the qdel command to cancel jobs, regardless of whether the jobs are running or are spooled. Use the qmod command to suspend and resume (unsuspend) jobs already running. For both commands, you need to know the job identification number, which is displayed in response to a successful qsub command.

Is Sun Grid Engine free?

SGE is an open-source community effort. It is free to download and use. Some features of SGE are introduced in this section below. Scheduler, queues and slots SGE includes both a scheduler for allocating resources (CPUs) to computational jobs and a queuing mechanism.

How do I use QSUB?

How to submit a job using qsub

  1. -q set the queue.
  2. -V will pass all environment variables to the job.
  3. -v var[=value] will specifically pass environment variable ‘var’ to the job.
  4. -b y allow command to be a binary file instead of a script.
  5. -w e verify options and abort if there is an error.

What is SGE scheduler?

Scheduler, queues and slots SGE includes both a scheduler for allocating resources (CPUs) to computational jobs and a queuing mechanism. Each queue is associated with a number of slots: one computational process runs in each slot; each compute node in the HPC cluster provides one or more slots.

Why there are multiple queues associated with the jobs in SGE?

Queues provide the corresponding resources for concurrent execution of multiple jobs that belong to the same category. Because queues can extend across multiple hosts, they are called cluster queues. Cluster queues enable you to manage a cluster of execution hosts by means of a single cluster queue configuration.