Did Three Days Grace change their name?

Did Three Days Grace change their name?

The term is the time you have to pay back a debt. Brad thought it fit well with the type of music they were writing and he told the others about it, leading to them changing from “Groundswell” to “Three Days Grace”.

Why did the lead singer of Three Days Grace leave?

Gontier has written a heartfelt note explaining he left Three Days Grace to pursue new projects and not to deal with addiction. His statement reads, “It is important for me to address any concerns regarding my health being connected to drugs or addiction.

Why is Three Days Grace named Three Days Grace?

In 1997, Gontier, Sanderson, and Walst regrouped as “Three Days Grace”. According to Gontier, the name refers to a sense of urgency, with the question being whether someone could change something in their life if they had only three days to make a change.

Who plays the song I hate everything about you?

Three Days Grace
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How old is Matt Walst?

39 years (December 28, 1982)
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Did Three Days Grace changed lead singers?

On January 9, 2013, Gontier resigned from Three Days Grace. He left as the band was about to embark on a co-headlining tour. Matt Walst from My Darkest Days, the brother of bassist Brad Walst, became the new lead singer.

Why did My Darkest Days break up?

In March 2011, My Darkest Days was involved in a bus accident where their Bandwagon RV style bus flipped and fell into a ditch in rural Idaho. No major injuries were incurred, but drummer Doug Oliver suffered a sprained ankle and the band missed one tour date in Boise with Three Days Grace.

Who is the lead singer for Three Days Grace?

Adam Gontier1997 – 2013
Matt WalstSince 2013
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When was Three Days Grace I hate everything about you released?

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Where was Matt walst born?

Asphodel-Norwood, Canada
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How old is Adam Gontier?

43 years (May 25, 1978)
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Is Matt Walst and Adam Gontier related?

Singer Adam Gontier Leaves Three Days Grace, Replaced by My Darkest Days’ Matt Walst. The band’s bassist, Brad Walst, stated in a press release, “We were surprised and distressed by Adam’s sudden departure. We are however very excited for this upcoming tour and to have my brother Matt stepping in as lead singer.”