Are Chevy SSR collectible?

Are Chevy SSR collectible?

If you want a Chevy truck that is more modern but still highly collectible, the Chevrolet SSR is a cool choice. These trucks were only made for three years, and they were perfect cruisers combining a ’40s style with a powerful V8 and a retractable hard top.

What does SSR Chevy stand for?

Super Sport Roadster
The Chevrolet SSR (which stands for Super Sport Roadster) was in production from 2003 to 2006 and made a splash everywhere it went.

Why was Chevy SSR discontinued?

There were plenty of add-ons available, which could pile on and quickly bump the price to around $50,000! For a slow, unwieldy, heavy pickup truck that doesn’t even pickup, that’s an absurd price. Being overpriced was the biggest reason for the car’s failure, in all likelihood.

What kind of motor is in a Chevy SSR?

Chevrolet SSR
Engine 5.3 L LM4 V8 (2003-2004) 6.0 L LS2 V8 (2005-2006)
Transmission 6-speed Tremec T-56 manual 4-speed 4L60-E automatic 4-speed 4L65-E automatic
Wheelbase 116.0 in (2,946 mm)

Was the Chevy SSR a flop?

Sales were abysmal, never reaching more than even 4,000 units in one year, and totaling less than 12,000 units for its entire production cycle. Chevrolet seemed to have looked at the Prowler and said “we can do better”. An admirably ambitious statement, but one which ultimately entirely failed to grasp the situation.

What is a 2005 Chevy SSR worth?

2005 Chevrolet SSR trade-in prices range from $7,299 – $18,681. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

What is the best year for the Chevy SSR?

Naturally, the 2005 and 2006 LS2-powered SSR is the most desirable, and factor in an extra 5 grand for the roughly 2,200 SSRs built with a 6-speed.

How much horsepower does a 2005 SSR have?

390 hp
2005 Chevrolet SSR/Horsepower

What is a 2005 SSR worth?

What colors did the SSR come in?

Exterior Colors:

  • Aqua Blur Metallic [Blue]
  • Pacific Blue Metallic [Blue]
  • Redline Red [Red]
  • Ricochet Silver Metallic [Silver]
  • Slingshot Yellow [Yellow]
  • Smokin Asphalt [Black]

What is a 2004 SSR worth?

2004 Chevrolet SSR trade-in prices range from $6,774 – $16,807. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

How fast is a Chevy SSR?

2006 Chevrolet SSR 0-60, quarter mile, specs

0-60 mph 5.3 seconds
0-100 kph 5.7 seconds
Quarter mile 15.5 s @ 106 mph
Top speed 203 kph / 126 mph
Curb weight 2137 kilograms (4711 pounds)