Who was at Cambridge with Stephen Fry?

Who was at Cambridge with Stephen Fry?

Stephen Fry, John Cleese and Dame Marina Warner, president of the Royal Society of Literature, are just three of the top names lined up to appear at the Cambridge Union this term.

Who was in the Footlights?

The 1981 revue, featuring Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson, Tony Slattery, Penny Dwyer and Paul Shearer, won the inaugural Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe and spawned Fry and Laurie.

Where is Cambridge Footlights?

Cambridge University Footlights Dramatic Club, commonly referred to simply as the Footlights, is an amateur theatrical club in Cambridge, England, founded in 1883 and run by the students of Cambridge University.

Which comedians went to Cambridge?

World-famous Cambridge Comedians

  • Stephen Fry. The English Actor, Comedian and Writer was a student at Queens College Cambridge in the late 70’s/early 80’s and was a member of Cambridge Footlights.
  • 2 . Hugh Laurie.
  • Emma Thompson.
  • John Cleese.
  • Peter Edward Cook (1937 – 1995)
  • Sue Perkins.
  • Eric Idle.
  • Richard Ayoade.

What did Hugh Laurie study?

He studied archaeology and anthropology, specialising in social anthropology, and graduated with third-class honours in 1981. Like his father, Laurie rowed at school and university.

Who was in Footlights with Emma Thompson?

Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Rowan Atkinson are some of the household names who were members in the early 1980s. These Footlights went on to create the hugely successful TV series Blackadder, Fry and Laurie, and become… the beloved Emma Thompson.

What are the Footlights?

A footlight is a theatrical lighting device arranged to illuminate a stage from the front edge of the stage floor in front of the curtain. Originally set in a row of hooded individual enclosures, electric footlights are presently set in troughs across the edge of the stage so that they are not visible to the audience.

Was Sacha Baron Cohen in the Footlights?

At Cambridge, Baron Cohen joined the Footlights and acted in Fiddler on the Roof and Cyrano de Bergerac.

Was Emma Thompson in Footlights?

What does Footlight mean?

Definition of footlight 1 : a light that casts its illumination upward from foot level especially : one of a row of lights set across the front of a stage floor —usually used in plural. 2 footlights plural : the stage as a profession.

Who was in Footlights with John Cleese?

Miriam Margoyles, 80, spent three years at Cambridge University in her 20s, where she began acting and appeared in productions by the Cambridge Footlights. It was there she first met John Cleese, 81, Bill Oddie, 80, and the late Graham Chapman, who went on to form Monty Python.

Why was House Cancelled?

Executive producers David Shore, Katie Jacobs, and Hugh Laurie collectively made a creative decision to end the show after eight seasons. They basically wanted to end the show on their own terms while (hopefully) the character of House still had some mystery left to him.

What is the Cambridge Footlights?

The Cambridge Footlights – the drama club that has produced icons such as Monty Python, The Goodies, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and many others. The Cambridge University Footlights Dramatic Club, or “The Footlights”, as it is commonly known, is an amateur theater group mainly for the students at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Who was in the Cambridge Footlights Revue?

Cambridge Footlights Revue: Directed by John Kilby, Jan Ravens. With Penny Dwyer, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Paul Shearer. A TV version of the Cambridge Footlights Revue “The Cellar Tapes”, winner of the first-ever Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1981.

What happened to the Oxford Footlights?

As the members of the Footlights (and those of the Oxford Revue) graduated and left the University, management of Footlights was handed down to next generation, who inherited not only the club but also its astounding the success.

What is the history of Footlights?

The club was founded sometime in 1883, and they when they first appeared in front of their Cambridge audience the club still hadn’t come up with the name “Footlights”. However, the group was ambitious, dedicated, and determined to gain the sympathies of an audience not just in Cambridge, but across the nation.