Who owns NJ Motorsports?

Who owns NJ Motorsports?

Valentine. RJ Valentine is co-managing partner of New Jersey Motorsports Park and Chairman of The MBA Group of Companies. He has been a serial entrepreneur, private equity investor, and race car driver for more than thirty years. As an entrepreneur, Mr.

Who owns Millville Motorsports Park?

Co-owner Joe Savaro said one of the park’s main “profit centers” was to be its potential real estate development. “When we opened in 2008, it was the beginning of the worst recession in economic times in 50 or 60 years,” Savaro said.

When was NJ Motorsports Park built?

Since its opening in 2008 New Jersey Motorsports Park has continued to grow and diversify in the services offered and has become a world class venue.

Where can I street race in NJ?

Southern NJ Auto Race Tracks

  • Atco Raceway. 1000 Jackson Rd. Atco, New Jersey. 856-768-2167. Website.
  • Bridgeport Speedway. 83 Floodgate Road. Swedesboro, N. 856-467-6757. Website.
  • New Egypt Speedway. 720 Route 539. New Egypt, NJ. 609-758-1900. Website.
  • New Jersey Motor Sports Park. 47 Warbird Drive. Millville, NJ. (856) 327-8000. Website.

Who owns Monticello club?

Monticello Motor Club stands on the former grounds of Monticello Airport in Monticello, N.Y. The property was purchased by MMC Club Co-Founders John Barker and Paul Queally, and two developers associated with the local Concord Hotel property, Michael Kaplan and Henry Zabatta.