Who is the chairman of Okpokwu local government?

Who is the chairman of Okpokwu local government?

State Benue State
Local Government Headquarters Okpoga
• Local Government Chairman and the Head of the Local Government Council Olofu Oguche

When was okpokwu local government created?

Okpokwu local government was created out of the former Idoma Native Authority in 1976 as a result of the local government reforms throughout Nigeria by the then Obasanjo administration.

Which local government is the biggest in Benue State?

Konshisha Local Government
Konshisha Local Government has a population of about 225,672 (2006 census figures).

What part of Nigeria is Benue State?

Benue, state, east-central Nigeria. A wooded savanna region, it is bounded on the south by Cross River, Ebonyi, and Enugu states, on the west by Kogi state, on the north by Nassawara state, and on the northeast by Taraba state.

How many local government does idoma have?

The popular idea is that the Idoma are an ethnolinguistic group primarily found in the western areas of Benue State, Nigeria. This is because they are the second largest group in the state and occupy 9 local government areas (L.G.A.’s) which include: Ado, Agatu, Apa, Obi, Ohimini, Ogbadibo, Oju, Okpokwu and Otukpo.

What are the 23 local government in Benue State?

Benue State Local Government Areas

  • 1Ado Local Government Area. Ado LGA Secretariat, Igumale, Benue Nigeria.
  • 2Agatu Local Government Area.
  • 3Apa Local Government Area.
  • 4Buruku Local Government Area.
  • 5Gboko Local Government Area.
  • 6Guma Local Government Area.
  • 7Gwer East LGA.
  • 8Gwer West Local Government Area.

Where did Idoma migrate from?

There are many divergent views as to the origin of Idoma people but most historians agree that Idoma people migrated from Apa in Kwararafa Kingdom after her distintegration.

Why is Benue State called food basket of the nation?

Natural resources. Benue State is the nation’s acclaimed food basket because of its rich agricultural produce which include Yam, Rice, Beans, Cassava, Sweet-potato, Maize, Soybean, Sorghum, Millet, Sesame, cocoyam etc. The state accounts for over 70% of Nigeria’s Soybean production.

Is Benue an Igbo state?

In 1991, some areas of Benue state (mostly Igala area), along with areas in Kwara State, were carved out to become part of the new Kogi State. Igbo people are found in the boundary areas like the Obi, Oju etc., Local Government Areas….

Benue State
HDI (2018) 0.598 medium · 18th of 37

Is Benue a Yoruba state?

The Yoruba Community in Benue State has pledged its support and loyalty to the traditional institution and government of the state.

Is Idoma related to Igbo?

Classified as a minority ethnic group and often mistaken to be part of the Igbo tribe, the Idoma people are known for one language – Idoma, which is classified in the Akweya subgroup of the Idomoid languages of the Volta–Niger family.

Where did Idoma originated from?