When should I use 30 or 20 volume developer?

When should I use 30 or 20 volume developer?

For instance, if you have more than 50% gray hair, 20 volume developer is the only developer to use for 100% gray coverage and a long-lasting color. Choose a 30 volume developer when you want a developer that is stronger for a lighter and deeper color.

What is the difference between a 20 and 30 developer?

40% developer is a very strong lift or intensity for the color , 30% developer is a medium lift for 5 shades and is strong , 20% developer is standard lift and what most people use to dye their hair . Twenty volume lightens your hair two levels and 30 volumes does it three levels.

Can I lighten my hair with 20 volume developer?

Using 20 volume developer will lighten your hair even without bleach because of the lifting effect it has on the outermost layer of your hair (the cuticle layer). We recommend using 20 volume developer to lighten your hair – it’s safe, won’t cause too much damage, and has noticeable results.

How do you use Volume 30 developer?

How to Lighten Hair with 30 Volume Developer

  1. Take your bleach powder and 30 volume developer and mix them in a bowl with a good ratio.
  2. Next, you need to separate your hair into two parts.
  3. Using a brush or a comb, apply the bleach powder and 30 volume developer mixture to the tips of your hair.

Can I use 30 developer on roots?

The 30 volume developer is not being used on hair which is the highest lightness levels from level 8 to level 10. The 30 volume developer is not used directly on the scalp since it would be irritating. This level of volume developer should only be used 1″ off the scalp.

Should I use a 20 or 30 developer?

Yes, you can mix a 20 and 30 volume developer if your hair is dry or damaged to lighten it or apply a lighter color. If you mix a 20-volume and a 30-volume developer, you get a 25-volume developer. It will be less aggressive than the 30-volume, but more powerful than the 20-volume.

How to make 30 developer into 20?

Used Manic panics Enchanted forest over light brown hair,in LOVE with the result.

  • Smokey lavender vibes
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  • Just a touch of orange in the pink
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  • The blue didn’t completely pull so you can see it under the green now.
  • Which volume developer should I use, 20 or 30?

    • 20 Volume Developer (20V / 6% peroxide) is the most commonly used. First off, it is optimal for covering grey hair. Also, you’d use it to stay anywhere around the level your hair already is, or to lift 1-2 levels. • 30 Volume Developer (30V / 9% peroxide) will lift the hair up to 3 levels higher and is commonly used with lightener.

    Can you mix 20 and 30 developer together?

    Twenty volume developer will shift your hair one to two shades, while 30 volume developer will let you alter your hair three to four shades. You should never use anything stronger than this at home. Box dyes come with developer and dye packaged together, but the developer is generally only 20 volume.