What kind of music does Flor de Toloache perform?

What kind of music does Flor de Toloache perform?

The Latin Grammy®-winning all-female mariachi group mixes tradition and innovation, breaking boundaries with their edgy, versatile, and fresh take on traditional Latin American music.

Where is Mariachi Flor de Toloache from?

New York city
Mariachi Flor de Toloache is the first and only established all female mariachi band founded in New York city in 2008 by Mireya I. Ramos. Originally a trio, the band has grown to 9 members with all the essential and traditional instruments, violins, trumpets, guitarron (bass), vihuela (5 string guitar) and guitar.

What do mariachis do?

mariachi, small Mexican musical ensemble composed of a variety of mostly stringed instruments. In addition to referring to an ensemble, the term mariachi is also used for the individual performer of mariachi music or for the music itself.

What is Toloache used for?

Although it can be used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, for skin infections, for hemorrhoids, and have clear therapeutic benefits, as ancient medicine. This plant is also known as ‘the lily of the devil’, ‘the fright of the wolf’.

What does Toloache mean in English?

In Mexico, it is known as toloache, from the Nahuatl words for “bow the head” and “reverential.” In Mexican brujeria, modern witches make toloache love potions.

Who invented mariachi?

Gaspar Vargas
The most important group in the history of mariachi music is Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, founded in 1898 by Gaspar Vargas in Tecalitlán, Jalisco. In the 1930s, its leadership was taken over by his son, Silvestre Vargas, considered the greatest mariachi organizer and visionary of all time.

Where did mariachi come from?

The mariachi ensemble that is familiar to us today originated in the 19th century in the Mexican state of Jalisco in Cocula, referred to as “La Cuna del Mariachi” or “The Cradle of Mariachi.” In other areas such as Veracruz and Huasteca, the northeast region of the country, the ensemble evolved differently.

What does toloache mean?

In Mexico, it is known as toloache, from the Nahuatl words for “bow the head” and “reverential.” The plant is categorized as a “deliriant,” for the intense hallucinations it brings about. For centuries, Mexican shamans have smoked cigars rolled with its leaves or ate its seeds to gain insight during divination rituals.

Where does toloache grow?

Toloache is native to Mexico and grows in the wild all over the country. It was used as a ritual and medicinal plant for centuries, and going back all the way to the valley’s most ancient inhabitants.

What is toloache used for?

What is a toloache flower?

Toloache, sometimes called Indian Apple, or Moonflower in English, are part of a group of plants of the genus of Daturas (others include Inoxia, Metel, Stram and Ferox). They’re characterized by elongated, trumpet-shaped white flowers, which emit an unpleasant odor, and they’re mildly hallucinogenic.

What is the origin of mariachi?