What kind of decking material is best?

What kind of decking material is best?

Best Deck Material Options for 2021

  • #1 Pressure-Treated Wood. Among the various types of wood decking, pressure-treated lumber is the most common.
  • #2 Cedar Decking. Cedar is commonly regarded as a higher-quality material than pressure-treated lumber.
  • #4 Composite Decking.
  • #5 Hardwoods.

Which is better AZEK or Trex?

When comparing Trex vs Azek, there are Pros and Cons to both materials. Azek is quite a bit more expensive due to how it’s made but it’s a great long term value that’s more durable than Trex. However, premium grade Trex isn’t cheap, it’s also very durable but has a more natural look and feel than Azek.

What is comparable to Trex?

Trex vs. Trex boards use mostly recycled plastic and wood products. AZEK contains no wood, and uses about 50% recycled material. AZEK boards are also significantly lighter than Trex boards and absorb less heat. AZEK Boards are also more expensive than Trex boards–especially in their value-priced offerings.

What decking material lasts the longest?

Aluminum and Steel Aluminum decking is the most expensive out of the deck material and will last the longest with a lifespan of 30+ years. Steel decking can have a lifespan of 60+ years when correctly installed by a professional builder.

Is Azek the same as Trex?

Trex is a true composite material, comprised of recycled wood (in the form of wood chips and pressed sawdust) and recycled plastic. Azek, on the other hand, is made up, almost entirely, of PVC.

What type of decking material should I Choose?

Whether you plan to build a solid wood, ground-level patio or a composite multi-level masterpiece, the first step is choosing the right type of decking. There’s a wide range of decking materials that can help you create a beautiful, durable structure. This guide gives you the pros and cons of every deck material, from solid wood to composite.

Why choose the decking superstore?

The Decking Superstore’s highly trained and professional staff can help you find the right decking solution for your project. Questions? Our expert staff can help you choose the right product for your outdoor project & even assist with design.

What is plastic decking made of?

Plastic composite decking combines wood fibers with a durable plastic film. Also called vinyl decking, PVC decking boards are a popular synthetic choice for busy spaces where pets and kids spend time. Unlike composite decking, vinyl decking is entirely synthetic and doesn’t include any wood material.

What is composite decking?

Composite decking has come a long way. It was only twenty years ago that homeowners were limited to one very synthetic-looking type of low-performing material. Today, composite decking comes in a variety of texturized grain patterns and rich variegated colors that replicate wood’s natural beauty.