What is the best brand of jigsaw to buy?

What is the best brand of jigsaw to buy?

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022:

Rating Product
Best Overall Bosch JS470E Jigsaw CHECK PRICE
Best Cordless DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw CHECK PRICE
Makita JV0600K Jigsaw CHECK PRICE

Are Bosch jigsaws good?

Best Barrel-Grip: Bosch Variable-Speed Jigsaw With its unique barrel-grip design, this BOSCH jigsaw is accurate, controllable, and great for cutting wood and soft metal. The jigsaw uses a convenient tool-less blade change system and a powerful, seven-amp motor to deliver precise cuts with ease.

Which jigsaw is better Bosch or Dewalt?

​On the power front the Bosch JS470E is a clear winner it is one of the most powerful corded jigsaws available at 7 Amp vs the majority of other jigsaws(the DeWalt included) 6.5 Amp. Both saws have the same variable speeds of between 500 and 3100 strokes per minute. ​The variable range is adjusted via the trigger.

What should I look for in a jigsaw?

Here are a few of the key aspects to consider when buying a jigsaw.

  • How Many Strokes Per Minute?
  • How Many Amps?
  • Corded or Cordless?
  • What Is the Stroke Length?
  • Straight or Orbital Cutting Action?
  • T-Shank or U-Shank Blades?
  • Any Extras?

Is an orbital jigsaw better?

What Is the Advantage of an Orbital Jigsaw? The main advantage of an orbital jigsaw over a standard action jigsaw is the speed and efficiency of the cuts it can make. An orbital jigsaw or a jigsaw with the orbital action setting turned on, can cut through thicker or harder materials faster.

How do I choose a jigsaw machine?


  1. Choose which type of grip suits you best.
  2. This saw is great for curved cuts, circle cuts and scribed cuts on walls.
  3. The orbital setting is important when choosing a jigsaw.
  4. For fine cuts, keep the orbital setting low.
  5. Also, check the speed setting.
  6. Look at the bevel setting.

Which electric jigsaw is best?

The best jigsaws to buy in 2021

  1. Black+Decker 500W Autoselect Scorpion-Powered Electric Saw: The best multipurpose jigsaw.
  2. Bosch PST 700 E Compact: The best jigsaw for clean work spaces.
  3. Ryobi R18JS-0 One+ 18V Cordless Jigsaw: The best jigsaw for Ryobi kit owners.
  4. VonHaus Jigsaw 800W: The best jigsaw for sheer power.

How many amp jigsaw do I need?

Buying Tips You can never have too much power. Buy the saw with the most power that still fits within your price range. 5 amps or 18 volts should be enough for DIY use. For heavy duty work, go with a 7 or 8 amp corded model, or a 20-volt cordless.

Does Milwaukee make a corded jigsaw?

M18, M12 and Corded Woodworking Jig Saws | Milwaukee Tool.

What does Orbital mean on a jigsaw?

In orbital action, the blade moves forward during the cutting stroke in addition to the up-and-down movement. This more aggressive blade motion and is designed for cutting in soft materials like wood or plastic. The orbital movement provides a faster cut, but less smooth than a straight stroke.

How many amps should a jigsaw be?

Corded jigsaws range from four to seven amps. You’ll probably prefer a minimum of five amps on a DIY model. But with these tools, more power is always better. Cordless jigsaws are 12, 18, or 20 volts.

How does the Makita 4350fct work?

The 4350FCT has three orbital settings plus straight cutting, powered by a Makita-built 6.3 AMP motor. The electronic variable speed control (800 – 2,800 SPM) is engineered to maintain consistent speed throughout the cut for superior results. The motor is dynamically balanced for 40% less tool vibration and lower noise than competitive models.

Is the Bosch js572el Jigsaw easy to use?

The Bosch JS572EL jigsaw had easy to set adjustments for speed, bevel, orbital action, dust blower and LED light switch. The Bosch JS572EL is a very straightforward tool to use. The bevel adjustment is tool-less with detents at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees. The 13’ long cord has a swivel connector at the rear of the tool.

What is the stroke length of the 4350fct?

The 4350FCT has a 1-inch length of stroke, with a wood cutting capacity of 5-5/16 inches at 90° and a steel cutting capacity of 3/8 inches at 90°. 3 orbital settings plus straight cutting with powerful 6.3 AMP motor for cutting in all varieties of materials

Is the Makita Makita better than the Milwaukee?

Despite its 6.5 Amp motor the Milwaukee scored a bit lower than the Makita putting it in fourth place for speed and power. The Festool has a brushless motor that delivers longer motor life and higher efficiency, but at only 400 watts or approximately 3.5 amps the brushless technology doesn’t make up for the lower amperage.