What is GMT and BST?

What is GMT and BST?

GMT is Greenwich Mean Time while BST is British Summer Time. 2. GMT is similar to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) which is the standard time zone of the world while BST is GMT plus one hour. The use of both GMT and BST started in the United Kingdom with GMT being used during the winter and BST during the summer.

What does 1pm ET mean?

Eastern Time. Eastern Time (ET) is a general term used to describe the areas that observe either the Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) in the United States and Canada.

What does 2pm BST mean?

Europe: BST is currently not observed because locations are on standard time and are observing GMT. British Summer Time (BST) is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is a Daylight Saving Time time zone and is used in: Europe.

What does 4pm ET mean in UK?

Time Difference Eastern Time is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. 11:30 am in ET is 4:30 pm in GMT.

What is BST and Cest?

BST stands for British Summer Time. CEST is known as Central European Summer Time. CEST is 1 hours ahead of BST. So, when it is. 12:00 am BST.

What time zone is London England?

London is also the capital of England, one of the constituent countries of the UK. 4:14 pm. CST is 6 hours behind London, England time Time zone difference or offset between the local current time in Time Zone – UTC and Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro,USA – Texas – Dallas,Germany – Berlin – Berlin,United Kingdom

What is the local time in London UK?

The IANA time zone identifier for London is Europe/London. The current local time in London is 11 minutes behind apparent solar time. London is the capital of United Kingdom. Latitude: 51.51. Longitude: -0.13

What is the time difference between UK and US?

Why 24timezones? Announce event! Washington, United States time is 5:00 hours behind United Kingdom

What is the present time in London?

Current local time in London and DST dates in 2022. Local time–:–GMT AM/PM 24 hours . London summer time (DST) in 2022. Daylight saving time 2022 in London begins