What is Belarusian?

What is Belarusian?

Belarusian is a language of the East Slavic group . The name Belarus can be literally translated as White Ruthenia that is a historical region in the east of modern Republic of Belarus, known in Latin as Ruthenia Alba (English: White Rus ).

Who are the famous Belarusians who contributed to the world history?

Meet the most famous Belarusians who contributed to the World History. One of the most prominent representatives of the avant-garde, Marc Chagall was born in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk. In the same place, he learned the artistry of painting – from the Vitebsk artist Yudel Pan.

What is the official writing system of Belarus?

Before that, Belarusian had also been written in the Belarusian Latin alphabet (Łacinka / Лацінка), the Belarusian Arabic alphabet (by Lipka Tatars) and the Hebrew alphabet (by Belarusian Jews ). The Glagolitic script was used, sporadically, until the 11th or 12th century.

What is the official language of Belarus?

Both Belarusian and Russian are considered official languages, but only around 10% of citizens use Belarusian in everyday communication. Many inhabitants speak trasianka – a mixture of Belarusian and Russian.