What is an example of a kennings?

What is an example of a kennings?

A kenning is a figure of speech in which two words are combined in order to form a poetic expression that refers to a person or a thing. For example, “whale-road” is a kenning for the sea. The person or thing to which a kenning refers to is known as the kenning’s “referent.”

Is a bookworm a kenning?

A kenning is a figure of speech in the form of a compound word or phrase constructed to form a metaphorical meaning. For example, ‘bookworm’ is a term for someone who reads often.

Is Couch Potato A kenning?

Common Examples of Kenning Couch-potato: someone who is lazy and sits in front of the TV often. Arm-candy: a romantic partner who looks good and may be brought to events to impress others.

How do you make kennings?

A kenning is a two-word phrase used in place of a one-word noun. The two words are often joined together by a hyphen and form a compound word. Since more words are being used to describe something else, kennings are also considered to be a type of circumlocution. A circumlocution is an indirect way of speaking.

What is a kenning for God?

A kenning is commonly a simple stock compound such as “whale-path” or “swan road” for “sea,” “God’s beacon” for “sun,” or “ring-giver” for “king.” Related Topics: figure of speech skaldic poetry. See all related content →

What is a kenning for blood?

BLOOD: “spear river,” “wound sweat,” “wound river,” “wound sea,” “shield wave,” “dew of deep wounds,” “raven wine,” “raven beer,” “gum flame,” “serpent’s dew,” “mead of wounds,” “corpse heap wave,” “corpse sea,” “corpse dew.”

What is a rug rat kenning?

rug rat – a mischievous child, alliteration, striking imagery. 5. land line – a traditional telephone, alliteration. 6. eye candy – a person or thing with visual appeal, striking imagery.

What is a sky candle kenning?

Sky-candle (sun) Whale-road (ocean) Ring-giver (king) Gold-ringed (king’s followers)

How to make a kenning?

– Create your own kennings! For the most part, Viking and Anglo-Saxon poets created kennings for a very limited number of objects, people and aspects of nature. – The Kennings Challenge. Write a poem about an object or element of the natural word using kennings. – Submitting your poems.

How to write a kenning poem?

Write a poem about an object or element of the natural word using kennings. If you’ve done the exercise, you should have a nice set of kennings to use as a starting point. The poem could take the form of a list of kennings or the kennings could be part of a larger poem as in the following example: Moon-Pearls. The curdled milk of the sky

What is a kenning poem?

Kennings were originally written in Old English or Old Norse. A kenning describes something familiar in an uncommon way, without using its name. The poem usually takes the form of a list – and each depiction of the object is two words. Sometimes a kenning can take the form of a puzzle poem. I’ve included a couple of my own to give you an idea.