What is a reflection photo?

What is a reflection photo?

Reflection photos refer to any shot, no matter what type of photography genre, that uses a reflective surface. Landscape photography, with a mountain duplicated in the still water of a lake, is reflection photography.

Should you photograph the reality or the reflection?

While photographing the reality plus the reflection can add something very interesting to an otherwise boring photo, there’s something extra-special, and even magical, about including just a reflection. You get a shot that looks almost, but not quite, real.

Where is the best place to take a reflection photo?

I also recommend shooting in still bodies of water, such as ponds and lakes. You can work with rivers, but unless the river is very slow-moving, you’ll need to use a tripod and a very long exposure (of around 10 seconds or more) to really smooth out the water and get the type of reflection you’re after.

What are reflectors used for in photography?

Reflectors are a fantastic way to control the lighting in your photos–plus, they’re very cheap, not to mention easy to carry around. You can literally use a reflector anywhere–indoors in the studio, outdoors on location, etc., and it’ll be a big help, no matter the situation.

Where can you find beautiful reflections?

Beautiful reflections can exist anywhere, but you’ll need to train your eyes and be aware of your surroundings to find reflective surfaces to use in your shots. “A lot of people will walk by a river, a lake, or a puddle, and they won’t necessarily see the reflection,” Koetzle explains.

How do you take good pictures of reflection?

Fine-tune your reflective images. It may take practice to get the hang of reflection photography, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a great tool to help you organize your attempts on the way to perfection. You can also edit and tweak your images in Lightroom.