What does the D stand for in Martin guitars?

What does the D stand for in Martin guitars?

The first thing you want to focus on is the very first part of the model’s name – the prefix. In the example above, it’s a “D” which stands for Dreadnought and that indicates the size and shape of the guitar All of our prefixes, in order from smallest to largest, are: LX = Little Martin. D = Dreadnought. J = Jumbo.

What is a Martin D 28P?

The Martin D-28P Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar features the High Performance Neck found on Martin`s popular Performing Artist series guitars, redesigned to offer a slimmer, faster profile and more comfortable spacing in the first frets and faster action as the player moves up the fingerboard.

What is a 000 guitar?

For the purposes of this discussion, let’s define a large acoustic guitar as a dreadnought or jumbo and a smaller acoustic as any instrument with a 000 or OM (orchestra model) body or smaller. Both guitars look more or less the same, but the 000 is traditionally short scale (24.9″) while the OM is long scale (25.4″).

What is a Martin 000?

Martin’s 000-28 (2018) acoustic guitar shares the same impeccable appointments as its Style 28 big siblings, but that’s where the family resemblance ends. The Martin 000-28 is handcrafted true to Martin tradition, featuring a solid Sitka spruce top, with sides and back of stunning East Indian rosewood.

Which Martin is the best?

5 of the Best Martin Guitars

Model Type Finish
Martin D-28 Acoustic Gloss Nitrocellulose
Martin D-18E A/E Polished Gloss
Martin LX1E A/E Hand Rubbed
Martin LX1 Acoustic Hand Rubbed

Are Martin Guitars hard to play?

They can easily be set up to have lower action and be quite comfortable to play. The drawback is a slight loss of volume but Martin’s are very loud guitars to begin with so it tends not to be an issue for most players.

What is a Martin D28 worth?

Depending on originality, condition, and so… the current market price for a ’72 D28 can be $1500 to close to $3,000 (for a perfect specimen). In decent condition with no or only minor repairs… a current practical selling price for a plain Martin D28 would be $1600 to $2,300.