What does it mean if you pack a wallop?

What does it mean if you pack a wallop?

Definition of pack a punch/wallop informal. : to be very strong, forceful, or energetic Careful—these hot peppers really pack a punch. Unlike her last album, her new release packs a wallop.

Where does the phrase pack a wallop come from?

The verb pack in this expression means “to deliver.” The term dates from the early twentieth century. Eugene O’Neill used it literally in his play The Hairy Ape (1922): “He packa da wallop, I tella you.” Figuratively it appears in such locutions as, “The candidate’s speech really packed a punch.”

What is a wallop slang?

noun. informal a hard blow. informal the ability to hit powerfully, as of a boxer. informal a forceful impression. British a slang word for beer.

What’s another way to say pack a punch?

Other relevant words (noun): overpower, overwhelm.

Who will play along Meaning?

: to agree to do or accept what other people want They wanted me to cooperate with them, but I refused to play along.

What does pull a punch mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English pull a punchto deliberately hit someone with less force than you could do, so that it hurts less → not pull any punches → pull.

Is Wallop a British word?

2British Alcoholic drink, especially beer. ‘Wallop was a slang term for beer, and Codd’s wallop came to be used by beer drinkers as a derogatory term for weak or gassy beer, or for soft drinks. ‘

What does Molly whopped mean?

tv. to beat someone up; to slap someone hard. Quiet or I’ll Molly whop you.

What is a play along?

What is the meaning of tag along?

verb. tagged along; tagging along; tags along. Definition of tag along (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. : to follow another’s lead especially in going from one place to another.

What does the idiom pull the wool over your eyes mean?

to trick or deceive someone
informal. : to trick or deceive someone : to hide the truth from someone He was too clever to let them pull the wool over his eyes.

What does it mean to pack a wallop?

the ability to deliver vigorous blows, as in boxing: That fist of his packs a wallop. Informal. the ability to effect a forceful impression; punch: That ad packs a wallop. a pleasurable thrill; kick: The joke gave them all a wallop.

What does Wallop impact mean?

wallop- a forceful consequence; a strong effect; “the book had an important impact on my thinking”; “the book packs a wallop” impact

What is the Wallop on Floyd’s back like?

A great wallop on the back expelled the blockage from his throat. Floyd can wallop high pitches as well as low ones. He called it full-on, cellphone-waving arena rock schmaltz, with husky, slow-moving guitars and a wallop of meaninglessly earnest vocals. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license.

What is the verb for walloped?

v.wal·loped, wal·lop·ing, wal·lops v.tr. 1. To beat forcefully; thrash. 2. To strike with a hard blow: walloped the ball into the outfield. 3. To defeat thoroughly. 4. To affect harshly or severely: was walloped with a large fine. v.intr. To move in a heavy or clumsy manner. n.