What are Bosch aerodynamic wiper blades?

What are Bosch aerodynamic wiper blades?

The new generation of aerodynamic Bosch wiper blades replaces the conventional wiper blade on vehicles with a hook-type arm. Bosch Flat blade design reduces exposed metal parts for higher resistance to wear and corrosion on the frame. Graphite treated wiping edge reduces friction for a quiet and smooth wipe.

Are retrofit wiper blades any good?

Aerotwin Retrofit wiper blades are incredibly easy to fit too, and because they hook into the conventional wiper arms they don’t require you to rummage around for the right clip for your vehicle. They may not be the cheapest around, but I’d rather pay that bit extra for their superb performance.

Do 4×4 wipers Shift Dust?

What makes that remarkable is that we’re not just talking about the usual road grime either, as 4×4 owners, we expect wipers to shift dust, mud, and whatever else we drive through!

What are the benefits of using windscreen wiper blades?

Another benefit is, as they don’t have a metal frame and brackets as on conventional wiper blades, this helps to reduce snow and ice build-up during winter.

When were Bosch windshield wipers invented?

Following in the footsteps of the automotive light system, starters, and electric horns, the advent of Bosch windshield wipers in 1926 helped road users drive safely and in comfort. The first functioning windshield wiper system was patented in the U.S. in 1903.

Where are windshield wiper systems made?

In the fall of 1970, the green light was given for the establishment of one of the world’s largest manufacturing sites for windshield wiper systems. Bosch and the Belgian city of Tienen reached an agreement on the formation of a company to manufacture electric and electronic equipment for the automotive industry.

What are the advantages of the new wiper system?

Here, the wiper rubber is pressed against the windshield through two curved spring strips and distributes the contact pressure evenly over the entire length of the wiper. The new system offers significantly improved wiper quality, with the flatter shape reducing wind noise and increasing the field of view.

What is the wiper lip made of on a Ford Twin?

Two different types of rubber were thermally bonded for the first time in the Twin wiper blades in 1994. The wiper lip made from hard natural rubber provided exceptional cleaning and a long service life.