Is Revere Pewter GREY or beige?

Is Revere Pewter GREY or beige?

Revere Pewter is neither a true gray or a true beige, it’s a greige. A greige paint color has elements of gray and beige in it, hence the name. Many homeowners find beige paints to be too brown, making their home dark, and gray paints to be too cool, making their home come off as harsh and uninviting.

What color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter?

A light to medium gray with warm undertones, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is considered a timeless and classic greige that works with any style of decor. It’s a great transitional color that works well in an open floor plan.

Is Revere Pewter still popular in 2020?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect greige paint, then it’s likely you’ve heard of Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. It’s been a very popular gray paint among interior designers for over a decade. But you can 100% use Revere Pewter successfully in your home in 2022 and still have it work beautifully!

What Colour goes with Revere Pewter?

One way to incorporate Chelsea Gray is by painting your interior doors. Revere Pewter doesn’t only have to be paired with other neutral colors or black paint colors. It works and coordinates beautifully with bright colors like pink and coral. But also with soothing colors like green and teal.

What is one shade darker than Revere Pewter?

If you’re looking for a moodier gray, Benjamin Moore’s Thunder is one shade darker than Revere. What is this? In the same way you can lighten a paint color, you can also have Revere darkened if you like the color but just want it a bit darker.

What is one shade darker than Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter?

Should I lighten Revere Pewter?

My best paint trick for a dark room: It will still keep the same undertones of the full strength color, but will just be lightened up accordingly. I ended up lightening up Revere Pewter by 75%. We’re so happy – the lightening of the Revere Pewter was just what this room needed! See the whole finished space here.

Does Revere Pewter go with Edgecomb Gray?

Revere Pewter is a crisp gray color that actually pairs well with Edgecomb Gray. Revere Pewter is a true gray and tends to work well with blue hues as well as reds. Revere Pewter in my previous living room. While Revere Pewter is slightly darker than Edgecomb Gray, it’s not too dark.

Is Revere Pewter too dark?

This is what gives it a lovely warm feeling. But it isn’t so strong that it doesn’t seem airy. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is a versatile warm gray that maintains it’s airy feeling and is great for open floor plans. The medium LRV (light reflectance value) keeps it from being too dark (more on that next!)