Is CLS a good car?

Is CLS a good car?

Ultimately, there’s no getting away from the fact that this is a big car. Likewise, you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting the same degree of space and practicality you’ll find in, say, an E-Class, but the CLS is still a decent four-seater, and you can fit a reasonable amount in the boot, too.

Are Mercedes CLS expensive to maintain?

Proper maintenance is vital, but – you’ve guessed it – costly. Mercedes dealers charge a similar hourly rate to Jaguar and that makes them pricier than both Audi and BMW.

How fast is a Mercedes CLS 350?


0 – 100 kph 6.7 s
Top speed 250 kph (155 mph)

Is CLS better than C class?

C-Class sedans and coupes could be called second on the ladder to top Mercedes-Benz luxury. CLS coupes, on the other hand, are a bit higher, slotted between the E and S-Classes.

Is CLS better than E-Class?

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe vs CLS Coupe: Performance One small difference between these coupes is that the 2021 CLS 450 Coupe has a slightly better highway fuel economy at 31 mpg compared to the 2021 E 450 Coupe and its 30 mpg. Whichever coupe you choose, performance won’t be a problem.

Is CLS 350 reliable?

On the whole, the CLS is reliable. Some owners have mentioned electrical gremlins with the infotainment system, but for the most part, they have praised the reliability of the car and the quality of its interior.

Are Mercedes a180 reliable?

The A-Class appears to be solid in terms of reliability, and finished 23rd out of 75 cars in our 2021 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, while Mercedes as a brand finished 13th out of 29 manufacturers.

Which is cheaper to maintain BMW or Mercedes?

According to Your Mechanic, BMWs are easily the most expensive car brand to maintain. BMW is in first place, with an average maintenance cost over 10 years of $17,800. In second place was Mercedes-Benz, which had an average 10-year maintenance cost of $12,900.

How much horsepower does a CLS 350 have?

Mercedes Benz W257 CLS 350 Engine Technical Data
Aspiration : Turbo Intercooler
Compression Ratio : 10.5
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower : 299 PS or 295 bhp or 220 kW @ – rpm
Maximum torque : 400 Nm or 295 lb.ft @ 3000 rpm

What does Mercedes CLS stand for?

CLS stands for Coupé Light Sport. CL prefix is used by Mercedes-Benz for representing their 4-door coupe sedans which are lighter, faster and fuel efficient and have great aerodynamics.

Is the Mercedes CLS being discontinued?

The arrival of the AMG GT 63 precluded the need for the CLS 63, so Mercedes discontinued it back in 2017. The CLS 53 will likely exist in other markets but not the US. “At facelift, the 2022 CLS will be available in the US exclusively as the CLS 450 4MATIC,” a Mercedes spokesperson told CarBuzz.

Is CLS comfortable?

Elegant, comfortable and quick, the CLS is a relaxing cruiser, but don’t expect much fun behind the wheel. The CLS might look sleeker and sportier than an E-Class saloon but that doesn’t necessarily make it more engaging to drive.

Is the CLS 350 CDI worth buying?

The new CLS 350 CDI hits all the right emotional buttons. Classy, sophisticated, roomier, faster, more economical and, crucially, better to drive than the outgoing model, it’s clearly going to prove irresistible to some.

Is the Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 the perfect car for the very pregnant?

Which makes the arrival of a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 somewhat serendipitous. It’s the perfect car for the very pregnant (so long as they’re very rich, too). There’s loads of room inside. It’s much warmer, cosier, plusher and more comfortable than our house.

How much torque does a Mercedes Benz CLS 350 have?

With a gutsy 479lb ft of torque on offer between 1600 and 2400rpm – some 52lb ft more than the old CLS 350 CDI no less – the advanced oilburner is extraordinarily flexible and delivers considerable mid-range punch while displaying enthusiastic properties at the upper end of the rev range and exceptional levels of refinement.

How much does a Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake cost?

So, £55,995 buys you the CLS Shooting Brake you actually want – a 350 CDI AMG Sport – and, if you’ve done your homework, you’ll have realised that’s the best part of a £15,000 markup over the equivalent E-Class wagon. If you’re questioning the rationality of that, the Shooting Brake probably isn’t the car for you.