Is camping allowed at Willow Beach?

Is camping allowed at Willow Beach?

WELCOME TO WILLOW BEACH MARINA & CAMPGROUND Campgrounds and RV spaces are also available to extend your stay as well as marina services including a lakeside convenience store, gift shop, and restaurant.

Can you park overnight at Willow Beach?

Looking to spend the night? Willow Beach has an RV Park and Campground with 28 full-service (water, sewer, electric) RV sites and nine tent sites.

Can you camp overnight at Lake Mead?

Enjoy nights admiring the Lake Mead sunset while camping at the Lake Mead RV Village. Whether you stay a night or a month, we provide excellent amenities to make your vacation memorable. For more information about these sites contact Lake Mead Mohave Adventures at 702-293-2540.

Is camping allowed at Lake Mead?

Vehicle camping is permitted in designated camp areas only. Those areas are identified in the Backcountry Management Plan, on the park’s approved road maps and on-site with the approved camping symbol sign. Camping within Lake Mead National Recreation Area is limited to 90 days within a consecutive 12-month period.

Do you need a permit to launch from Willow Beach?

You can launch without a permit 15 miles downstream at Willow Beach. The river’s lazy flow averages 3 mph. Expect to paddle about six miles upstream before encountering major geothermal features.

How cold is the water at Willow Beach?

55 degrees
Willow Beach is a pretty spot, but strange. The water here is a rock solid 55 degrees, cold by desert standards, because the Hoover Dam power plant intakes are deep in Lake Mead.

Is it safe to swim at Willow Beach?

Willow Beach is a small beach that is a great place to swim. This park offers drinking water, picnic tables, a playground and public washrooms (May-August). Parking is available (there may be a parking fee for non-residents). The York Region Public Health samples beaches weekly from mid-June to the end of August.

Does Lake Mead have cabins?

Located on Lake Mead in the Arizona town of Temple Bar is the The Temple Bar Resort. The resort, part of the Temple Bar Marina, offers guest rooms and fishing cabins with satellite television. Rent a fishing boat, ski boat or a slip for your own boat. The resort is also home to an RV park and offers houseboat rentals.

Can you disperse camp at Lake Mead?

Free Camping at Lake Mead, Nevada Stewart’s Point along Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada remains one of the few free camping locations overlooking the lake’s northern Overton arm. There is about 4 to 5 miles of road with enough dispersed camp space to accommodate hundreds of RVs.

How much does it cost to camp at Lake Mead?

Private (non-commercial), Entrance, Vessel and Camping Fees

Camping Fees Price Duration
Group Camping $80 (12-30 people reservations required per group/per night visit for reservations
Regular camping $20 per site $10 Senior/Access per site/per night

Can you camp for free at Lake Mead?

Nelson’s Landing is managed by the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, so this is also free camping in Nevada. It’s basically a hidden beach, so there are no amenities. As such, make sure you bring plenty of water and supplies. Be sure to set up camp at least 100-200 feet from the shore.

Are houseboats allowed on Lake Mead?

The state requires you to license it if you have it powered. What is there to do in Lake Mead? It was formed when the Hoover Dam was first installed and currently extends 110 miles behind the dam. For an unforgettable experience, visitors can stay in one of the luxury houseboat rentals on Lake Mead.

Can I camp at Willow Beach RV park?

Camping is only permitted in designated RV or Tenting area. Speed Limit at all times is 10 MPH on all roads in Willow Beach RV Park. Check-in is any time after 2pm.

Where is Willow Beach?

Located in the Black Canyon region of the Colorado River, Willow Beach has 235 miles of shoreline to explore with some of the most unique scenery and wildlife to see.

Can I rent a boat at Lake Mead National Park?

As a part of the Lake Mead National Recreation area in Arizona, we have boating rentals available to complete your trip including canoes, powerboats, and other watercraft to enjoy a day out on the water.

What boating services does Willow Beach offer?

Willow Beach offers a range of boating services; including a launch ramp, fuel on land and water, along with a variety of boat and equipment rental options, including paddlecraft. Boat slip rentals and dry storage are also available.