Is a Festool track saw worth it?

Is a Festool track saw worth it?

Festool track saws are among the best-performing models in the market. They offer quality, precision, and versatility, qualities that make them a worthy investment. In addition, they help woodworkers make better and precise cuts from wood. This is because it can plunge into the wood to produce a thorough cut.

Are Festools worth the money?

Is Festool Worth the Price? Money is a precious resource and as woodworkers we want to spend it wisely. It is a fact that Festool machines are priced higher than almost any other brand of power tool. All these factors help make Festool power tools a great value and well worth the price.

How deep can a Festool track saw cut?

The TS 55 will supply cut-depth and power enough to suit the needs of many woodworkers. Even with a blade that’s only 6-1/4” across, you’ll get a maximum 90 degree cut depth of 2 – 1/8” using the saw solo, and a slight drop to 1- 15/16” when you use it with the guide rail.

Are Festool saw blades good?

As always Festool is high quality. It holds an edge well and cuts great (ply, melamine, etc.) There are probably blades just as good for less (it was reduced when I bought it so I’d sill give it 5 stars at regular price but say to shop around a bit).

Why is Festool out of stock?

From supply chain disruptions to lockdowns impeding manufacturing, Festool has been unable to keep up with the pace of orders and requested shipments. This has resulted in all dealers facing disrupted delivery times, cancelled stock orders and unprecedented backorders.

Do I really need a track saw?

Why you’ll own one—sooner or later. Track saws make long, precise cuts faster and better than table saws and circular saws. They are light and portable, don’t need clamps and set up quickly and accurately.

Why is Festool good?

So what makes Festool so good? We believe it’s because Festool has focused on creating high-performing tools that are robust, reliable and precise. Their numerous innovations, like their dust extractors and cordless options, put Festool in a league of their own.

Why should I buy Festool?

It’s simple to use, fast and accurate, and light and nimble enough for use anywhere in the shop or job site. With its accuracy and versatility, the Festool TS stacks up against the most advanced table saws, miter saws or panel saws available.

What is a festool track saw used for?

You can use the saw, which is intuitive to operate and comes with easily replaceable saw blades, to effortlessly make cuts in a wide range of materials, from wood to light metal plates and plastic. It is easy to make plunge cuts in the workpiece with little finishing work required.

What saw blades fit Festool ts55?

Can the saw blades with 2.2 mm cutting width be used on the TS 55 F and the TSC 55 K? Only saw blades with 1.8 mm cutting width may be used with the TS 55 F and the TSC 55 K.

What size is a Festool plunge saw blade?

The range of 160mm blades cover most popular cutting applications – with a 20mm bore size as standard: 28 Teeth x 2.2mm Kerf – for fast and semi-clean cuts wood and board materials. The blade has identical dimensions to the Festool 496302.