How do I reset my Drayton programmer?

How do I reset my Drayton programmer?

If the programmer is in the Service mode, i.e.SEr permanently displayed then you will have to reset the programmer by positioning the reset unit as shown below and pressing the button before the service interval menu can be accessed. Remove the screw on the bottom of the unit and take off the back cover.

How do I reset my Drayton lifestyle lp522?

Important Note: Before setting unit, press and hold the “SET” and “+” buttons for a minimum of 5 seconds to reset to defaults (display will go blank).

How do I reset my Drayton life thermostat?

The easy to use reset unit can be operated by simply pointing it at the programmer or timeswitch and pressing the button. The unit cannot be cloned and there is no need to remove the programmer or timeswitch from the wall before operation.

What does Ser mean on my boiler?

When activated, the Si feature will give a warning message to the householder that their boiler is due to be serviced. The first number is the number of days before the Service Due date that the landlord wishes the service due warning message (“Ser”) to be displayed on the screen of the unit.

How do I set my Drayton thermostat to manual?

To enter manual mode press < until the pointer indicates MAN (Fig 2). The screen will only show the temperature, which can be adjusted by pressing + or -. Once you have set the temperature it will flash for 5 seconds and then stop.

How does the lp522 electronic programmer work?

The LP522 electronic programmer will automatically switch on and off three times a day if required. It allows you to choose different timings for Monday to Friday and a different set of times for Saturday and Sunday. You now have to set your Hot Water heating times for weekdays (MON to FRI) The screen will show “Set HW MON TO FRI”

How do I contact Drayton control for the lp711si?

LP111Si,LP711Si Technical Helpline: 0333 7000622 Email: [email protected] Web: for heating AND hot water User’s Instructions 06490050001 ISS F THE LP711Si7-DAYELECTRONIC TIMESWITCHCont…

Why won’t my lp522 work?

There may be something going wrong wit an electronic component within the LP522, this wouldn’t be an easy fix. Your programmer sits on an industry standard backplate, a new LP522 will fit straight onto the existing backplate with no wiring changes to make at all.

How does The LifeStyle LifeStyle programmer work?

INTRODUCTION Lifestyle Programmers will automatically switch your central heating and hot water on and off at times that suit you. Depending on your system, central heating and hot water can ei ther both come on and off at e same time, or work independently. The light on the front of the programmer shows when each one is on.