How do I get free stuff from Mattel?

How do I get free stuff from Mattel?

Sign up for the Mattel Testing Community and you could receive FREE Toys and Games to test, review and keep! Click here and click “GET STARTED”. Enter your email address and verify it to create your account. You’ll be sent an invitation via email when new product tests are available.

How do you become a Barbie tester?

If you’d like to register for the Mattel Testing Community, simply visit Mattel’s website and enter your email to get started. As new products become ready for testing, invitations will be issued to users whose profile matches the type of individuals who would purchase and use those products.

How can I get free toys tested?

To register your interest, click the ‘GET FREEBIE’, sign up for emails and you’ll receive an email inviting you to register with the review panel. Simply fill in some information and they will tell you if you have been chosen to test new products! If chosen, you’ll be able to receive, rate and review new toys.

How can you be a toy tester?

Many legitimate toy companies hire normal kids to be toy testers….A Cool Job for Kids: Toy Testing

  1. Get a Jump on the Competition. These jobs are hard to find.
  2. Prowl Social Media. Follow toy companies on Facebook — both major ones and smaller players.
  3. Curate Your Online Presence.

Is Product testing a real job?

Is product testing a real job? Yes, it is. Product testing helps businesses to collect user feedback about their products/services before they release them. For this purpose, they give the product free for an authentic review.

How do I become a product tester for Apple?

Visit the registration page at

  1. The program allows you to test updates to Apple’s operating system (iOS) before it is released to the public.
  2. This program is open to anyone with an Apple device and ID.

Where are they giving away free toys for Christmas?

You may be eligible to participate in one of these organizations below that help financially struggling families get free Christmas toys for their kids….Where can I get free Christmas presents?

  • Be an Elf.
  • Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots.
  • Operation Santa.
  • Salvation Army’s Angel Tree.

How can I get help for Christmas presents in 2020?

These Christmas assistance programs give away toys and gifts:

  • Salvation Army Angel Tree.
  • Toys for Tots.
  • Lions Club.
  • Catholic Charities.
  • Make a Wish Foundation.
  • Angel Tree Christmas Prison Fellowship.

Is toy Tester a job?

A toy tester is hired to play with prototypes of children’s toys. Before spending the resources to produce a large quantity of a new toy, companies usually like to get feedback from potential customers.

Is a product tester a real job?

Does Adidas pay for product testing?

Those who choose to participate will receive complimentary test gear with instructions on how long to wear the product or the amount of mileage. After wearing the gear for the required period, testers will mail back the product (Adidas will pay for shipping) for evaluation by the company.

Is Vindale safe?

Is Vindale Research Legit? Vindale Research is a legitimate market research company that pays users in real money. They have four out of five stars on Trustpilot, and are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau (listed on the site under parent company Dynata LLC).