How do I add a domain user to a local admin group?

How do I add a domain user to a local admin group?

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  1. Right Click on My Computer (if you have privileges)
  2. Select Manage.
  3. Navigate through System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups *
  4. On the Right-Side, Right Click on Administrators.
  5. Select Properties.
  6. Click the Add…
  7. Type the User Name of the user you want to add as local admin.

How do you grant local admin rights to domain users through Active Directory?


  1. On the domain controller, go to Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers (you must be running with Domain Administrator privileges).
  2. Right-click on the Organizational Unit (OU) upon which you want to apply the Group Policy.
  3. The Group Policy Properties panel is displayed.

How does domain admins get added to local administrators group?

Navigate to Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies, and click User Rights Assignment. Click Add User or Group and click Browse. Type Domain Admins, click Check Names, and click OK.

How do I add a domain user to a local admin group GPO?

How to Add Domain Users to the Local Administrators via GPO Preferences?

  1. Open the AddLocaAdmins GPO you created earlier in the Edit mode;
  2. Go to the following GPO section: Computer Configuration –> Preferences –> Control Panel Settings –> Local Users and Groups;
  3. Add a new rule (New -> Local Group);

How do I create a local admin account on a domain?

  1. Select Start >Settings > Accounts.
  2. Under Family & other users, select the account owner name (you should see “Local account” below the name), then select Change account type.
  3. Under Account type, select Administrator, and then select OK.
  4. Sign in with the new administrator account.

How do I create a domain user the local administrator for all PCs Windows Server?

Active directory: GPO to Make a Domain User the Local Administrator for all PCs

  1. Step 1: Creating a Security Group.
  2. Step 2: Create a Group Policy.
  3. Step 3: Configure the policy to add the “Local Admin” group as Administrators.
  4. Step 4: Linking GPO.
  5. Step 5: Testing GPOs.

Should domain Admins be local Admins?

3 Answers. By default the domain admin is a member of the local administrator’s group but you’re correct, it doesn’t have to be if that’s your administration workflow. Domain Admins are, by default, members of the local Administrators groups on all member servers and workstations in their respective domains.

Is a domain admin a local admin?

The easiest way to explain the difference between a Local Admin and a Domain Admin is to summarize the purpose of both types of accounts. A Local Administrator is already outside the domain and has the full power to do anything desired on the location machine, which IS PART of the domain.

How do I add a user to local users and groups?


  1. Connect the MMC to the storage system.
  2. If it is not already selected, in the left pane, select Computer Management.
  3. Select System Tools > Local Users and Groups.
  4. Double-click Groups.
  5. In the right panel, right-click on the group to which you want to add a user.
  6. Select Add to Group.
  7. In the Properties box, click Add.

How do I access local users and groups on a domain controller?

In the Domain Security window, click the Allow log on Locally policy, and click Actions > Properties. In the Allow log on Locally Properties window, click Add User or Group. Click Browse. In the Select Users, Computers, or Groups window, click Advanced and then click Find Now.

How do I make a domain user a local admin?

Right Click on My Computer (if you have privileges)

  • Select Manage
  • Navigate through System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups*
  • On the Right-Side,Right Click on Administrators
  • Select Properties
  • Click the Add…
  • Type the User Name of the user you want to add as local admin.
  • Click the Check Names button to verify the user name is correct.
  • How to make domain user as local computer admin?

    Run the local Group Policy Editor: Win+R > gpedit.msc;

  • Browse the following GPO section: Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment;
  • Find the policy Allow log on locally and open its properties;
  • How do you add an user to a group?

    In your site,click Site Contents,and then click Settings.

  • Under “Users and Permissions”,click People and groups.
  • On the left,select the group to which you’d like to add the users.
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to New,and then select Add Users.
  • How do you make an user administrator?

    Windows users, though, will be disappointed updates in cases of critical bugs or security issues, allowing server administrators to patch their hardware without downtime.