Does Comcast Xfinity support IPv6?

Does Comcast Xfinity support IPv6?

We will maintain support for IPv4 while adding support for IPv6. WiFi is IPv6 is compatible, however, it may require an upgrade to your gateway firmware or hardware.

Does my router support IPv6?

Check connection status For wired connection through a router, right-click “Ethernet”, and for wireless connection right-click “Wi-Fi”, and then click “Status”. Click “Details”. If you see an IP address for IPv6 within the window marked with a red box, you are connected to the IPv6 network.

Does IPv6 slow down WIFI?

If you have IPV6 turned on, DNS lookups are 2 to 3 times slower than with IPV4. That’s why it seems as if your computer has “trouble connecting” to web sites. When you initiate a connection to any site, the first thing it does is look up the IP address in DNS. DNS lookups are slow on IPV6 for several reasons.

How to set up IPv6 on Comcast?

How To: Setup IPv6 with Comcast – Full Internet connectivity. 1 1. Login to the web interface and go to Interfaces > WAN. 2 2. Select DHCP6 in IPv6 Configuration type. 3 3. Set the prefix to 64 and leave everything else unchecked. 4 4. Save and Apply the changes. 5 5. Go to Interfaces > LAN.

How many channels does the sb6120 support?

Utilizing the power of DOCSIS 3.0, the SB6120 enables channel bonding of up to 4 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels – which allows an operator to offer their customers advanced multimedia services with data rates of well over 100 Mbps in each direction.

What is the sb6120 surfboard DOCSIS cable modem?

The Motorola SB6120 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem provides operators with an economic option for providing Ultra-Broadband services, with 4X the current maximum user data throughput approximating 160 Mbps in DOCSIS mode and 195 Mbps in Euro- DOCSIS mode*, without the need for hybrid fiber coax (HFC) plant upgrade.

Does Xfinity WiFi support IPv6?

WiFi is IPv6 is compatible, however, it may require an upgrade to your gateway firmware or hardware. If you have a wireless gateway (Ethernet to WiFi bridge) connected to an Xfinity Internet gateway to achieve wireless capability, the gateway may need to be replaced with one that is IPv6 capable.